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Borox Salad, Zhongshan Branch/布露克沙拉, 中山店
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Hangzhou needs more decent places to get a decent salad and sandwich lunch. Borox fits the bill nicely and its location on North Zhongshan Road should please a whole bunch of people. They offer simple and healthy meals that will make you forget all about your usual gaifan place. The upstairs dining with it’s floor to ceiling windows make an ideal place to relax with a laptop or people watch with a coffee.

We tried a variety of options and were overall very impressed. The Pumpkin Smoked Chicken Salad 22RMB was fantastic, served as a sweet pumpkin mash with a creamy smoked chicken salad. That alone would probably keep us coming back. The Sasa Shrimp Salad 26RMB would be amazing if there was a bit more shrimp, and the seaweed base wasn’t really our thing. We’re looking forward to trying the Avocado Smoked Salmon Salad 32RMB on the next trip.

Next are the sandwich and “French Roll” options. Note: the French Roll is actually a quesadilla. The Italian Beef Sandwich 28RMB and the Mexican Chicken French Roll 25RMB were by far the most impressive. The guy next to us had the BOROX Special Sandwich 28RMB, and seemed to enjoy it.  

For dessert, they have an assortment of “Fresh Baked Muffins.” No, they are not actually muffins, but we understand your confusion. Muffins are Borox-speak for waffles, and they are quite excellent at 24RMB per serving. They also have cheesecakes, tiramisu, and other desserts for 16RMB each. We tried the red berry cheesecake and it was awesome, but everything looked great. It would be hard to go wrong.

They have a good selection of fresh juices for 18RMB. The apple carrot juice was the clear winner at our table, while the orange juice was a bit watered down. Their coffee options really impressed as well, with the Mint Chocolate Latte 25RMB pleasing all who tried it. A standard Americano goes for 20RMB and all the other options are an affordable 22-25RMB.

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40 North Zhongshan Road

0571 8662 8369

Opening Hours:
10am - 11pm
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