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Tamlan and the lads have stripped things back. This is an event focusing on music and music lovers. No fancy drinks, or plush sofas. Dancing and getting lost in music is top of the agenda.

Rendezvous will also focus on giving big names and newcomers the chance to shine on the same stage, contributing to the local scene and giving local talent a platform to share with bigger names from outside the city. After all, its a rendezvous

Hailing from Como, Italy.

Ninetysix started his career in the early 90's, in northern Italy, at the age of 15, playing dance, underground, progressive, trance and techno.

In 1995 he discovered hardcore, which was a turning point in his career, and since 2000, he's been performing with Kilowatt Project crew in Italy's largest music festivals and clubs, like Sonora, Number One and Florida.

In 2006 he started scratching, and in 2017 he released his first single, Begbie.

Since then the man has been busy touring Germany, Holland, and has recorded an album where he plays drums for a local punk band.

He's a member of the underground crew called NO NEW STYLE!!! based in northern Italy.

DJ Sinnlig hails from Serbia, Europe. Born into a family of musicians and artists, she has always considered music to be the core of her being. Sinnlig has quickly acquired a name for herself in the dj ranks through her musical ability to absorb and blend genres most others wouldn't play in the same set.

However her penchant in terms of electronic dance music is based on techno and tech house. Expect techno with occasional soulful and sensual vocalsl leading to abstract techno landscapes!

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5/F, Queen’s Park, Wulin Road


Opening Hours:

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