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Black Pig /黑猪韩式烤肉
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A Korean BBQ is not a new concept in Hangzhou but The Black Pig manages to do it with a bit more style and atmosphere. We noticed the place had a calming atmosphere. Unlike many other BBQ spots, many guests were staying a while to chat after finishing their meal.

We were recommended to try a set meal, so we chose the Australian Beef (澳洲牛肉套餐, 188RMB). This is a great option if your Chinese reading skills are not so good. Along with a selection of meat cuts, we got pumpkin, mushrooms, onions, fried egg, kimchi, jellied egg, bean sprouts, lettuce, bean dipping sauce and a dry spice mix to make Korean BBQ wraps with – all included!!

If this isn't enough to fill your bellies, there are plenty of extras to add. We sampled the Korean Battered Fish served with soy sauce and wasabi (韩式煎鱼, 30RMB). Although a little salty, it was crispy and so delicious that we kept going back for more. We also tried the Seafood and Cheese Rice Cake (海鲜芝士年糕, 58RMB) with green pepper and onion slices. The thick spicy tomato sauce went down a treat with a few prawns and mussels. A non-spicy alternative was the Seafood Rice Porridge (海鲜锅巴汤, 48RMB) which was easier on the palate. Our vegetarian options were the Egg and Cheese Cake (芝士鸡蛋卷, 30RMB), a mix between an omelet and a pancake, and the traditional rice dish Bibimbab (铁板炒饭, 25RMB). This feast was washed down with a decent sized bottle of Soju (初饮初乐, 30RMB) and Korean Fruit Juice (韩国饮料, 10RMB). Never mind the black pig, we all felt like stuffed pigs.  Great value for money! 

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499 West Wensan Road

0571 8700 3071

Opening Hours:
11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
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