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Bio Breadness/荷焙优欧包
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More Magazine has been aware of Bio Breadness for a while now. We first met them at the Christmas Market this year where their Gouda cheese croissants drew quite a crowd and then soon again at Super 27, since they supply all the bread used for that popular Kerry Center restaurant.

Bio Breadness has recently unveiled their online WeChat store letting customers order from a selection of organic and wholesome bread and desserts for home delivery. I was asked to test out the service, from ordering to receiving delivery to eating the product. What fun!

After you open Bio Breadness’ Mini program, ordering is quite simple. There are descriptions in both English and Chinese to help you choose what to buy.

You will need to enter your delivery address in Chinese and then pay through WeChat.

The Delivery
After placing your order, delivery will be arranged with SF Express. It took about 2 hours for the bread to reach my place in Xihu District.

Here’s the packaging and unboxing. Please excuse the cat in the background, Betsy was very curious about the bread too.

We had a selection of sweet items and some bread too.

Now I was raised on a diet of rice, noodles and white sliced Wonder Bread, so for this article I definitely deferred to the opinion my Dutch boyfriend, the bread expert in my household. He said many items tasted just like they should, like how bread in his homeland tastes.

Actually, this bread not only tastes like it comes from The Netherlands, it actually IS from there! Bio Breadness co-operates with a well-known Dutch baker to have products flown in from The Netherlands as frozen dough then baked and finished at Bio Breadness’ facility in Hangzhou. How’s that for authenticity? No need to worry about quality of the ingredients in China or the technique of the bakers. You want good European quality bread in China? Get it straight from the source!

Here are some notes from our tasting session:

Gouda Croissant (18RMB)
Soft, moorish folds in the croissant, with gouda cheese in the center. This croissant is moist and savoury. The cheese filling in the center is a real treat.

Dutch Apple Pie (23RMB)
Nice saucy, apple filling with a crumb topping. There are just enough nuts and raisins on top to accent and not overpower. The bottom is cake-like. We can easily polish off 2 or 3 of these little pies.

Mix Mini Danish (20RMB)
The Mix Mini Danish comes with 3 different mini danishes. The cinnamon swirl really stood out for its nice crispy caramelized edges. The pastry was flaky and buttery and the cinnamon filling was deliciously spiced.

Lasagna Bread with Celery Garlic (18RMB)
I decided to cut this bread open and turn it into an egg omelet sandwich. The bread has good consistency  and it was easy to bite into as a sandwich.  The celery and garlic flavouring gave the bread an aromatic touch.

The next breads were kept in my freezer for 1 week and they stood up well. I just took them out of the freezer about an hour before we wanted to eat and they thawed easily and the bread still tasted fresh.

Walnut Whole Grain Baguette (39RMB)
This is a wholesome, rugged bread with a generous amount of walnuts throughout. The description from Bio Breadness says the bread is a 24 hour sourdough bread and it was stone baked.

When I get my hands on good bread, one of my favourite ways to eat it is to make a BLT (Bacon lettuce tomato) sandwich and that’s what happened here. The walnut baguette was a great vehicle for the BLT. The bread was dense and chewy. You could really feel the nutrition in the grains and walnuts.

Triangle Multi-seed Noir (16RMB)
For our last meal, we turned the Triangle multi-seed bread into a ham and cucumber sandwich. The bread was simply good. It’s all natural and organic, made from rye flour and four different grains - sesame, pumpkin, flax and sunflower.

So take a look through Bio Breadness’s Mini program and see what catches your fancy. You could be enjoying real Dutch bread in just a couple of hours.

Note: You can also buy Bio Breadness’ bread at Super 27 restaurant.

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2020-09-08 15:48:21
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