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Beer Baby/嗨啤宝贝
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Hangzhou is welcoming all types of shops and bars offering imported bottled beer. So, let’s welcome from Shanghai, Beer Baby. This place is a paradise for drinking enthusiasts. Beer Baby is a supermarket who specializes in imported bottled beer. Their main goal is to offer a place that lets discerning drinkers go and try all types of beer from around the world.

They are carrying over 2,500 different types of imported goodness, and their stock of imported beer comes from thirty-one different countries. They have imported beers from your usual beer drinking countries, such as Canada, Germany, Belgium, England, and America, but you can even find rare beer from countries like India and Egypt. Pretty much all the beer flavours are here. You can find, dark, white, pilsner, IPA, lager, and many more.

In the north part of Hangzhou, on Shixiang Road and in between Dongxin Road and Qiushi Elevated Road, there is the Hangzhou Xintiandi cross trade town named HIBIGOO, and Beer Baby is there. Just by walking on Xinbei Street, you will come across a massive clear window displaying hundreds of beer bottles with bright lights, making it an eye catcher.

If you like downing a cold one and see this, you definitely want to inspect the joint. Once you enter Beer Baby, your jaw will drop, and your beer curiosity switch will turn on. Looking from your left to your right and seeing huge fridges full of cold beer was quite overwhelming. We were guided to our seats, but I couldn’t stay planted. I had to explore it all; it was like the newest iPhone came out.

This place is special because of a few reasons. The first is that, you don’t need to wait for a server. You grab the beer you want to drink, bring it to the cashier, and then sit at one of their wooden tables and start enjoying your refreshment. A second that makes Beer Baby stand out is that they don't mind it if you bring your own outside food inside and eat it there. They even encouraged us to order BBQ from one of the delivery Apps. They do offer some generic snacks. You can find chip and nuts to snack on. But why not order your favourite dish with a most delicious beer? A third reason is you can buy beer and take it with you wherever you are going. Planning a party? Need beer? Come here and stock up.

Finally one of the best of reasons, is that they deliver. Same day delivery in fact, and it arrives in 1 or 2 hours. In the not so distant future you can order online as well. Beer Baby will be on Meituan (美团), Elema (饿了吗), and Koubei (口碑). Planning a party? Need beer? No time? Just order it. If you don’t have the Apps for delivery, don’t worry, you can order from their official WeChat account. Since they are open at 11am and close around 2:30am, you can order beer most any time, but note; they don't do breakfast.

The layout is a big room with wooden tables in the middle. They have two-seater to eight-seater tables. Fridges surround the outside full of beer. It is quite bright and well lit inside, with Chinese and American music switching back and fourth, and it's got big flat screens all over. They even have four fridges with labels for different levels of drinkers: a fridge for the rookie, then novice, then expert, then master, there is even a fridge for the ladies. The novice fridge stores the most expensive beer in the store: Schorschbock from Germany with 57% alcohol. It costs 5,888RMB (330ml), but hey, this really strong beer is limited, and only 36 bottles are made. Each one is also numbered and signed by the brewer. This is a bit too crazy for us, but needless to say, it indicates the large variety on offer.

Beer Baby also has a wall rack full of wine. Most of the wine comes from France, and prices vary from 128RMB – 1188RMB. There are non-alcoholic drinks too such as Italian Mineral water. So don’t worry. There is drink for everyone.

Beer Baby's Wensan Branch will be open in November 28th, located on Huaxing Times Square, right next to KFC, it will be beer+BBQ, and their Xiasha and Binjiang branches are coming too, stay tuned!

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32 Xinbei Steet, Xintiandi

139 1776 8689

Opening Hours:
11am - 2:30am

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