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Bean's Pizza, Yigao Branch/小豆手工披萨, 颐高店
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Bean’s Pizza does a Chinese interpretation of pizza chains like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. They hand form each pizza and take pride in sourcing natural ingredients. The dining room décor is cottage quaint and “O Sole Mio” loops frequently on the soundtrack.

There are many pizza options for everyone. For carnivores there are meat pizzas, sausage pizzas, Hawaiian pizza, super supreme pizza and seafood pizzas. For vegetarians there’s mixed cheese pizza, assorted mushroom pizza and vegetable pizza. Prices range from 28-42RMB for 6in pizza, 38-68RMB for 9in and 58-98RMB for 12in. With the small 6in size, you can order many pizzas to try a variety.

For the adventurous, there’s a Durian Pizza (6”- 48RMB, 9”- 68RMB, 12”- 98RMB) that is their best seller and also the priciest pizza. We like durian, but we’re more used to having it in a dessert. In the pizza, it made a salty and sweet combination that we’re not accustomed to, but many people here like it.

Aside from pizzas, there’s also pastas (25-38RMB), baked rice (22RMB), salads (22-38RMB), snacks (10-15RMB) and desserts (22-38RMB). Drinks (6-28RMB) include soda, fresh juices and teas.

The New Orleans Flavour Wing (10RMB a pair) was nicely sauced and cooked. The Caramel Orange Pudding should be a good dessert there. The one we had came straight out of the oven and didn’t have time to cool and set, but the taste was good.

If you are around the area of Huanggushan road and are in the mood for some not too expensive pizza, you may drop by here. There are set menus at lunch combining baked rice or pasta with a small snack platter for 30-42RMB. They do free delivery with a minimum order of 30RMB around a twenty minute e-bike drive radius.

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38-3 Huanggushan Road

0571 8662 2661

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm
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