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Art 6/西湖餐厅
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The West Lake Sofitel has undergone more than a few upgrades as of late. Its location just off the lake, near the train station, and the highway to Biniiang make it more than attractive already. The only real drawback it had upon opening was its lack of a venue offering international cuisine. Art 6 has filled that void, and it has done it well. We visited it twice, and on both occasions, we were comforted with careful attention from the staff, intimate surroundings, and creatively prepared food. For the first trip, we enjoyed a wine tasting event with bottles of white from Burgundy, France. Someone must have done their research before coming because nobody missed the red wine with the weather being this hot. All white wine, and all white meat. Look forward to more events in the future. The chef spoke to each table individually. The wine flowed liberally. The shrimp were large and crisp. 

Before going any further, we must mention that Art 6 is small. It seats around fifty people, and is on the sixth floor with windows overlooking the city. Needless to say, the buffet doesn’t offer a huge selection. The selection, however, is chosen well. Cold cut meats are like they are at the butcher. Crabs, scallops, salmon, and oysters are just a few of the seafood items. The cheeses are dynamite, and when we went there, there was a blackberry dessert that was out of this world. We’ve yet to dive into the a la carte menu, but with items like Chorizo Sausages, New Zealand Beef, and Parma Ham, we’ll have to go back for a third time. Go to the Hyatt for this city’s most impressive buffet. Get down to Peppino for the brick oven. Provence is our home away from home and Art 6 is the place for an intimate dinner for two next to high windows overlooking the night sky. Look for buffet prices and coming events in the restaurant section.  English menu available.

Weekdays: 228RMB+15% for dinner buffet
Sundays: 198RMB+15%, 298RMB+15%, 398RMB+15% for lunch and dinner buffet

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6/F, Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake, 333 West Lake Avenue

0571 8707 5858

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