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We were really looking forward to the new rendition of the old, yet short-lived favorite, Matchbox, and did we get what we went for, or what? Despite being a bit tricky to find, this new location is as central as they come, and as long as you’re not completely blind, you can’t miss the huge Angelo’s sign. That’s’ right folks, Angelo, formerly of the Hyatt and the Intercontinental, is back at it, and this time it’s on his own terms, so we trust that this place will be around a bit longer than its predecessor. We went there three times last month to make sure this review was more than accurate, or maybe it was because we just wanted something good to eat.

The first time we sat down in the masterfully lit, immaculate dining area, the place was simply packed, and although the service was a bit slow, it was also the first day of their soft open, so we let it slide. Besides, the food that came out was excellent. On top of this list of excellence was definitely their Philly Cheese Steak (58RMB). While not exactly the same as what comes out of the city of brotherly love, it was great in its own right. To my right was a guy who had his happy face on the entire time he was devouring his Beijing Duck Pizza (78RMB), and to my left there was a guy wearing a similarly goofy grin as he tore through a Margarita Pizza (58RMB). Both pizzas were gone before I even got a chance to ask for a bite, so although I can’t tell you exactly what they tasted like, the fact that they disappeared so quickly should be evidence enough. We shared a few bottles of Doctor Loosen Reisling (238RMB/bottle), which really did the trick.

The next time we went we focused on the pizzas once more (they’re good), but started our meal with the chili con carne appetizer, which comes with fried potato skins for dipping, which is ridiculous (read: yummilicious), and traded in the vino for some pints of draught beer (38RMB/pint). And the last time we went we tried the Pizza Bites (38RMB/3 pieces), the Jumbo Crab Cake Burger (68RMB), and the Cannelloni al Forno (78RMB). While there wasn’t much to the first, the burger patty was so jumbo that it fell over the sides of the bun, and the Cannelloni was so creamy, cheesy, and rich, I’d have to use profanity to describe it. With each subsequent visit, the wait staff just got better and better. On the whole, this little place that seats about 70 is destined to become a local favorite. Do yourself a favor, and check it out.     

2013-11-28 12:36:47
Very good place to eat excellent westernfood. One of my favorite restaurants. I've never been disappointed by the quality.
Sad to say we won't be back
2012-02-15 22:12:39
It is a damn shame to see how far this place has dropped in terms of service and quality ever since its namesake & creator, Angelo, was forced out more than 1.5 years ago. After another bad experience, we certainly will never go back.
Great food rabbish service
2010-07-30 17:33:46
I been in angelo several time i food i love it .But plz change the service way and person .I hate people sounds stick in my pocket i must order expensive stuff .I love order what i like it .I think those person for sure earn a lot of money in other way .that is why
Angelo is a good restaurant, but it's tobacco poll
2010-07-19 08:17:27
At the opening, the restaurant served very good pizzas, the best we ever had (not only in Hangzhou). The menu was terrific, with enormous choice. That was a very good news to have this restaurant in the city. Lately, the menu has been revised, and restricted. That's sad. Moreover, the food is still good, but not as good as it was in the beginning. But the big con at Angelo, is that the place is very polluted with tobacco. We would really appreciate a place not so smoky, where our cloths and lumb stays clean after a nice dinner there.
bread basket
2010-04-22 23:56:04
if anyone is like me, bread makes the meal the little bread sticks/straws are tasty but open the little "biscuits" and swab them in the olive oil/vinegar/black pepper mixed on a could be the meal will be back soon to find my favorite
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