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A Simple Diet, Macheng Branch/粗菜馆,马塍店
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We've had this place in the magazine for a while now. The first one opened up over a year ago (or was it two?) at a prime spot at the junction of Beishan and West Huancheng roads. The second one opened out west not too long ago. There's one in the the east, and now there's a new one in town smack dab in between them on Macheng road. We've written a lot about this road because there are a few choice restaurants on this block: the original Grandma's Kitchen and the fabulous Dongyang Restaurant just a stone's throw away. As if the traffic wasn't bad enough on this old street, now there's another restaurant to congest things even more. Located in the Hotel R-Tin just near the intersection of Wensan road, this place has got a pretty good layout going on. There are, of course, the requisite private rooms, but they aren't all tucked away in the back like most places. And they aren't enclosed, claustrophobic rooms either there are only three walls, which some people might not like, but we personally like the openness of it all. Speaking of openness, if you like high ceilings, have them seat you in the main dining area. Granted, it can be a bit noisy, but some people dig on all that energy. When you want something a little more intimate, there's another area off to the left of the entrance. It's not as grandiose as the big space with its sleek granite walls and silver chiffon curtains, but at least you can carry on a conversation. With such care taken in d-cor and design, one might think that the place would be a bit pricy. Think again. Three of us ordered up six dishes (plenty to stuff us) and paid a mere 110 kuai. The menu is stocked full of country-style dishes, but it isn't as simple as the name might imply because there are just so many enticing things to choose from. Our favorite was the Fried Vegetables Wrapped in Crispy Tofu Skin, but the Red-roasted Pork and Steamed Bread was a close second. There are also loads of veggies. Try the Chopped Green Peppers Fried With Minced Pork. We weren't disappointed in a single dish, and that's saying a lot. Unfortunately, we couldn't try any of the dim sum as one of our party was doing Atkins, but the selection was mighty tempting. Maybe next time. You can order: * Chopped Green Peppers Fried With Minced Pork 老妈私房菜 15RMB; * Fried Vegetables Wrapped in Crispy Tofu Skin 家乡青包 18RMB; * Fermented Vegetables Fried With Octopus 干菜八爪鱼 18RMB; * Red-roasted Pork and Steamed Bread 灰堂肉 28RMB; * Wild Bamboo Shoots and Ham Stew 野笋干火腿 25RMB; * Eight Treasured Soy Duck Steamed With Rice 八宝酱鸭 28RMB; * Three Rivers Boat Tracker's Fish Stew 三江纤夫鱼 28RMB; * Homemade Thousand Island Lake Fish Head 家烧千岛湖鱼头 28RMB/jin; * Buckwheat Steamed Buns With Roasted Meat 荞麦馒头(烤肉) 22RMB/big, 18RMB/small; * Iron Board Sea Dragon Fish 铁板海龙鱼 38RMB; * Catfish Cooked With Cucumber 鱼烧黄瓜 35RMB; * Iron Board Fried Shrimps With Meshed Garlic 蒜蓉铁板虾 28RMB; * Steamed Wild Vegetable Dumplings 笼仔野菜饺子 6RMB/six; * Deep Fried Fragrant-flowered Garlic Box 韭菜盒子 2RMB/one (minimum four); * Yongkang-style Pork and Wheat Buns 永康肉麦饼 2RMB/one (minimum four).

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R’Tin Hotel, 12 Macheng Road

0571 8775 5977

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm
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