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A+ DIY Cake Shop /A+ DIY烘培中心
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Are you upset you don't have an oven, and you find yourself constantly cursing and ranting about the fact that you can't bake cookies, cakes, and/or pies in your sad little abode? Quite possibly not, but we know some of you have a little bakery chef inside you that’s just screaming to get out. You’re just unsure of where you can go to do so. Well wonder no more. At A+ DIY Cake Shop they not only provides the ovens, but also the instruction, the ingredients, and, of course, the cute packaging to make all your baking-based dreams come true.


Life is not really like a box of chocolates. It’s barely an apt metaphor, but that’s not to say life cannot be sweet, like a delicate, chocolate, sponge cake; topped with creamy home-made icing, a generous helping of sprinkles, and a couple of cherries. It could be, if homes in Hangzhou came equipped with ovens, which, by and large, they don’t. Nope, if you’re like us, you got a real fancy UV sanitizer (That you’ve never used once.) sitting in the exact spot the oven would have gone. Oh, the humanity of it all! So when the MORE crew found out about a place that not only gives you the ovens and the workspace, but also provides personalized attention from experienced bakers and pastry chefs, we had to check it out. At the A+ DIY Cake Shop they provide all the recipes, equipment, and ingredients you'll ever need, plus über-cute Hello Kitty aprons for you studs out there who aren’t afraid to show off your feminine side.

It should come as no surprise that the only question on our minds was whether we wanted to bake a large, penis-shaped, cake filled with cream, or little mounds of dark chocolate, “dog doo,” cookies. Upon arriving, we noticed the shop didn't look all that impressive, until we got upstairs. This place puts the Keebler Elves' workshop to shame. It was absolutely great. Lots of glass-topped counter space to knead and mash your product upon. Rows of shiny, stainless steel tools and mixing bowls, and, of course, plenty of those ovens we’ve been yearning for. Chef Hu Ling was there to give us a guided tour, and despite a lot of argument and debate, we decided to just go with his suggestion, and simply make one of the Black Forest cakes from their menu. The menu is really more like a little catalog of goodies, has a long list of delicious cakes and pies to choose from. The average price for these treats is around 150RMB per 500g product. They also sell baking equipment and kitchen tools if you’re interested in taking some home with you. You'll find the A+ DIY Cake Shop at the intersection of Gucui Road and Gaoji Street. Parking may be available on the street, but there is no guarantee, and you should definitely call ahead for a reservation before showing up, since space is limited, and there are already a lot of people waiting to bake a masterpiece of their very own.

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45-1 Gaoji Road

0571 8885 1217

Opening Hours:
9am - 6pm

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