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A Chun Jia /阿春家
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The door of A Chun Jia is not that big, you might miss it on Qingchun Road amongst all the big restaurants and shops, but this is the shengjianbao restaurant voted by Beijing TV as, “The best restaurant in Beijing.” Well, considering shengjianbao is southern cooking, maybe those northern folk just don’t know what’s good.

As you walk in the restaurant, you will see their open kitchen on the left, and their menu on the wall to the right with big pictures and English. Pass by the kitchen, there is a big wooden machine, that’s how they make the High Altitude Wild Buckwheat Noodles. Everything here is made fresh, by hand. You will find the free cold dishes on display in the back of the in the restaurant, as is their free plum and watermelon juices.

The signature dish at A Chun Jia is the shengjianbao with crab roe and abalone (全蟹黄鲍鱼生煎包) which cost 30RMB for two. That’s pretty steep for xiaochi, and it really didn’t knock our socks off.  They were a little bit fishy. Thankfully,  we ordered a bunch of other things like Steamed Buns Stuffed with Crab Roe & Crab Meat (纯正蟹黄灌汤包) 30RMB/four; High Altitude Wild Buckwheat Noodle Soup (高海拔野生荞麦面) 30RMB, Shrimp, Clam, and Pork Wonton Soup (虾仁花蛤鲜肉小馄饨) 20RMB, Fried Noodles with Shrimp and Sliced Eel (干虾鳝片烩面) 30RMB, and Nanjing Style Fried Dumplings (老南京锅贴) 25RMB. We recommend the Fried Noodles and the Nanjing Style Fried Dumplings. They have a wall where you can leave comments. They’re quite fun to read, whatever you like about this place or not, feel free to comment.

Picture and English menu available. Parking is very hard. We strongly recommend taking taxi. 

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85 Tiyuchang Road


Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9pm

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