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1991 Pub/1991酒吧
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We told you when the bars above Boiling 100C opened up that they would be great places to sit out on the terrace for a drink when the weather warmed up. At that time, Room 18 was the happening place, and 1991 was dullsville. Ohhhhh, how quickly the tide turns in this town of ours. Where's Room 18 now? The tables and chairs are all stacked outside the boarded up windows. That's life, and that's what keeps our job difficult, but it also keeps it interesting.

1991 has exploded into the place to be in this area (it and Joy's, of course). What has changed here is that when the weather is right, the stall-like windows open up, affording drinkers on the terrace a view of what's happening on the stage. And there's a lot going on there. The energetic MC keeps things moving as he works his way around the crowd, yammering away with the customers while the numerous performers keep them entertained. And by numerous, we mean numerous. We haven't seen this kind of constant change up in singers outside of the stadium bars, but these guys are hella better than what goes on in those seedy joints. And they are loads of fun to boot. They actually look like they enjoy their work. They even go so far as to have sing offs. Half of them setup outside and compete with the other half inside. Everyone gets into it. 

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2/F, West Lake International Trade Center, 46 Hubin Road

0571 2893 6115

Opening Hours:
8pm - 2am
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