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171h Restaurant & Bar /壹期壹会
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171h Restaurant & Bar on North Zhongshan Road near Fengqi Road has everything you’ll expect from a Japanese restaurant – sashimi, sushi, sushi rolls,sukiyaki hotpot, etc., but the décor here is not traditional Japanese. Instead, you can get your sushi fix in a modern lofty interior to the beat of lounge house music. It’s a refreshing change from the standard formula.

Joining us for lunch that day was whiskey ambassador extraordinaire Eddie Lim. He highly recommended foregoing the usual sake and pairing sashimi with a strong distinctive tasting single malt whiskey from the bar. In fact, he even created a special item for 171h – a whiskey infused shrimp sashimi using 16 year old Laguvulin. The whiskey made the texture of the shrimp incredibly creamy and the intense smokiness of the whiskey added aunique taste to the sweet shrimp. The alcohol has evaporated away so you can appreciate the taste of whiskey without getting drunk. The Laguvulin Infused Shrimp Sashimi is not on the regular menu, but ask for it and ye shall receive.

From the menu, the sashimi was very fresh and included white tuna which you don’t often find in Hangzhou. An appetizer of Dried Okra Chips (28RMB) wascrunchy and highly addictive with a nutty taste. We polished it off in no time at all.Salt Grilled Salmon Head (58RMB) was cooked just right with crispy skin and moist fatty flesh that we picked at until every last bit was devoured. Raw Fatty Beef Roll (68RMB) stuffed with pickled onions madea delightful combination with the fatty mouth-feel of the beef accentuated by the sourness of the onions. Seafood Hotpot (108RMB) was a feast of snow crab legs, prawns, scallops, mussels, salmon and vegetables. Be sure to drink the broth at the end, as it becomes flavoured with the essence of all the good seafood and had an exquisite sweetness.

Coffees, teas, frappes, fresh juices and cocktails available. Chinese menu only but with pictures for every item. Parking is available.

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58 North Zhonghe Road

0571 8839 3860

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am

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