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Uptown District Culture Building/上城区文化馆

20 Humin Road 惠民路20号

0571 8780 3108

Hangzhou Direction Art Center/杭州方向艺术中心

17 Siyi Road 四宜路17号(中大吴庄)


47 Yile Road 益乐路47号

10am - 9pm

Da Han Gallery/大瀚画廊

56 Jiangjun Rd. (near the West Lake) 将军路56号(近西湖)
0571 8811 5558
10am - 4pm

Six Harmony Culture Club/六和文化会所

36 Jiahe Lane, Laodong Road 劳动路嘉禾里36号

Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Park/杭州市工艺美术特色园地

38 Anrong Lane, Qing Hefang Street 清河坊历史街区安荣巷38号

9am - 5pm

Zhejiang Collector’s World/浙江收藏天地

No. 2116, 2/F, Zhejiang Cultural and Athletic Equipment Market, 55 Central Zhonghe Road 中河中路55号省文体市场2楼2116号
0571 8781 1333

Xiling Printing Gallery Gushan Branch/西泠印社

31 Gushan Road 孤山路31号
9am - 5:00pm

Show Space/秀空间艺术会所

36-4 South Yan’an Road 延安路36-4吴山商务综合楼

Hangzhou Red Star Gallery/杭州红星画廊

2/F, Red Star Hotel, 280 South Jianguo Rd. 建国南路280号
0571 8780 5135

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317, 3/F, IN77, Hubin Intime, 258 Yan'an Road

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L1-35 & 36, 1/F, Area D, IN77 Hubin (next to Victoria’s Secret)
湖滨银泰IN77D区1楼L1-35 & 36

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