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26kTeaching in ChengduChongqingXianTianjinNanjing
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Employment Package
The time the employment contract be offered: before arrival Contract time ion year
Boarding: On/Off campus Un/shared apartment for most teachers
The time to get salary: the fifteenth on the following month Personal Monthly Income (RMB yuan): A full package of salary including monthly salary, meal, accommodation, allowances for international air ticket, medical insuranc e and so on.(1) RMB 7,000-18,000 for kindergarten/primary school/middle school/ high school/ college/ university oral English teachers(2) RMB 10,500-26,000 for teachers of International courses (IB, A-level, ACT, SAT, AP etc.)(3) RMB 6,000-18,000 for teachers of elective courses like music, dance, painting, football, computer, western food etc(4) RMB 6,000-18,000 teachers of minority languages like German, French, Spanish etc.(5) Airfare Reimburse RMB5000 on the completion of one-ye ar contract.
At least t
7000RMB - 26000RMB /




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