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  • Main image of coverstory: My journey from West to East
  • My journey from West to East

    Inspired by the skills of martial artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, 18-year old Tim Vukan and his friends were intrigued by this ancient art. After seeking guidance and training from Ving Tsun Gong Fu instructor Jan Hantelman, a connection was made for life. He shared with us stumbling across a tiny Chinese bookshop and discovering hundreds of books detailing the very art he loved. Intrigued by the images he found within the pages, he often went back to look around. It was here that he found the book that would change his life: Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. Being the only book he found written in German, it became a part of him, attached to him day and night. After watching a live performance from the Shaolin monks in Hamburg he knew it was time…
  • Main image of coverstory: Campbell House
  • Campbell House

    I first visited Georgetown, the capital city of Penang Island, Malaysia, in 2008. This was just before Georgetown gained Unesco World Heritage designation. I vividly recall the beauty of the decaying historical buildings dating back to the late 18th century British colonial rule. The multi-coloured shop houses with peeling paint stood stoically, telling countless stories of the centuries gone by.
  • Main image of coverstory: Bon Provecho!:
  • Bon Provecho!:

    The Hyatt Regency welcomes Raul Avendano, a 31-year-old chef from Chile, to “spice up” their restaurant and buffet. This South American hottie creates a flavor so refreshing it will whip your taste buds into shape and wake you up from a world of slumber. This talented chef started his career in the hotel business studying administration, but after one year he decided it wasn’t for him. He changed majors to be in the kitchen and everything fell into place.
  • Main image of coverstory: CrossFit:
  • CrossFit:

    To be honest, this is not exactly how I saw my Saturday morning going. After a good deal of persuasion, I had given in and decided to come to CrossFit Qiantang to see what all the fuss was about. Standing in a room full of about twenty-five athletic-looking sorts limbering up, little did I know that I was about to experience what would be one of the more intense twenty minutes worth of exercise I had done in my life.
  • Main image of coverstory: To play live is to feel carefree
  • To play live is to feel carefree

    Etienne Jeanne, guitarist with gypsy jazz band Three of a Kind, has been living in China for almost ten years. His Russian bandmates are based in Paris which means he mostly gets to play with them when he returns to France in the summer. This year however they are recording a new project in April and are hoping to embark on a world tour next year. I asked Etienne some questions about the band and the musical genre of gypsy jazz.
  • Main image of coverstory: Where’s Ryan: One Tattooed Traveller’s Take on the Middle Kingdom
  • Where’s Ryan: One Tattooed Traveller’s Take on the Middle Kingdom

    Where’s Ryan? Panic struck through my entire body as I searched the crowded street in Beijing’s Wang Fu Jing shopping district for my brother who is currently on day two of his month long visit to China. Found him! His girlfriend shouts from down the street… he is just posing for another picture with another adoring fan.
  • Main image of coverstory: Clearing the Air: The Skinny on Air Pollution in Hangzhou
  • Clearing the Air: The Skinny on Air Pollution in Hangzhou

    Throughout the winter we here at MORE Hangzhou have been monitoring the polluted state of affairs throughout the country. We’ve watched as Beijing shut down its schools and issued red alerts for air quality for the first time ever. We witnessed the elusive “beyond index” readings on our AQI apps. In short, we’ve lived through the second “Airpocolpyse”. Whether you are just passing through or are a longtime dweller, you know that Hangzhou is known for its greenery, the trees and the beloved Xihu. Unfortunately, Hangzhou’s beauty misleads people to think that Hangzhou does not have a pollution problem comparable to that of Shanghai or Beijing. However, in Hangzhou, which lies in the heart of one of China’s major manufacturing provinces, pollution is a reality here.
  • Main image of coverstory: How to Turn Your Ideas into a Reality
  • How to Turn Your Ideas into a Reality

    Don Munro, CEO of Efergy Technologies, has been in the energy saving business for almost ten years. His company produces a range of energy monitors to show how much electricity you use in the house. According to Don, “It helps people to understand where they are using electricity because normally you only get the energy bill at the end of the month and then you go “Crikey! did I use that?”
  • Main image of coverstory: Pio Cesare Wine Interview
  • Pio Cesare Wine Interview

    With fine wines becoming more and more popular in Hangzhou, many of the best wines have become available for tasting and purchase across the city. Cesare Benvenuto of Pio Cesare wines recently stopped by briefly in Hangzhou, and MORE was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet up with him to learn a bit more about his wines and their brand.
  • Main image of coverstory: A Tale of Two Rieslings: East meets West
  • A Tale of Two Rieslings: East meets West

    Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits recently held a Riesling tasting event at the Four Seasons hotel in Hangzhou to introduce two Rieslings – one from German vineyard Dr. Loosen and the other one from Chinese vineyard Kanaan Winery based in Ningxia.
  • Main image of coverstory: Take it to the Mat: Unleash Your Inner Monster
  • Take it to the Mat: Unleash Your Inner Monster

    In the midst of a Hangzhou winter season, when the wind is blowing and nothing you do keeps you warm, try something new like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Monster Fight Club just a short walk from Da Tie Guan subway station. I bought a three month gym membership recently in a last ditch attempt to get fit for the Christmas season but quickly found myself lacking in motivation. In the evenings after work, the treadmills were all occupied, and finding mat space in the yoga class was like parking your ebike outside of Wu Mart! Impossible!
  • Main image of coverstory: In Search of Food in Tokyo
  • In Search of Food in Tokyo

    Tokyo, with over 80,000 restaurants, is a fantastic city for food lovers to visit and much cheaper than you think. For every category of Japanese food, from sushi to tempura to tonkatsu, there’s a range in price from budget eateries to Michelin starred establishments. Tokyo diners have a high level of reverence for food and they will go to great lengths to secure the ideal meal. It’s not uncommon for diners to book half a year in advance to get a reservation at a top sushi-ya or to line up for hours for a perfect bowl of ramen noodles.

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