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  • Main image of coverstory: Things That Nutrition Labels Don’t Tell You in the Supermarket
  • Things That Nutrition Labels Don’t Tell You in the Supermarket

    Last year, Michelle Obama had some bad news for nutrition-conscious shoppers and food manufacturers: We’ve all been cheating. The first lady announced a series of proposed changes to US food labelling that seek to tackle the fact that the average serving sizes used to calculate calorie intake have lost track with the reality of modern American appetites.
  • Main image of coverstory: Lombok Indonesia
  • Lombok Indonesia

    Believe it or not, Indonesia has more to offer than Bali. Sure, Bali is genuinely beautiful with stunning white sand beaches, killer surf and unique Balinese architecture to please the eye, but more and more it’s becoming a haven for the bogans of Australia (young hipsters trying to eat, pray and love their way to enlightenment) and an overpriced destination for honeymooners from around the globe.
  • Main image of coverstory: A Bird’s-eye Take on Hangzhou:
  • A Bird’s-eye Take on Hangzhou:

    In August this year, a video named Thank You Hangzhou was posted on Youku. Since then, it has been viewed over 100,000 times and has impressed many with its stunning images of Hangzhou.
  • Main image of coverstory: Hangzhou International Football League:
  • Hangzhou International Football League:

    Back in 2009, Hangzhou newcomer Trevor Lamb was browsing the adverts in the back pages of MORE magazine – as one might do when first arriving to Hangzhou – and stumbled across an ad for the Hangzhou Football Club. The ad read something like, “Hangzhou FC recruiting new players; current roster zero. Preferable individuals are chain-smoking, talentless hacks, although those with physical and football abilities will also be considered.” Five years later, Trevor and Felix Jones, two active members of the Hangzhou sporting community, launched the Hangzhou International Football League (HIFL).
  • Main image of coverstory: China’s Changing Camping Scene
  • China’s Changing Camping Scene

    Camping has been around as long as nomad tribes have roamed the world but it wasn’t more than a little over a century ago that recreational camping became popular as a means to escape the drudgery of modern life and those long hours of toiling in the factory. With that in mind it is not surprising why camping is beginning to catch on quickly here in China. Instead of expecting to see tents spread out on any available square meter of park space during the major holidays, China is undergoing a rapid shift towards building their own camping culture like we experienced years before.
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