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  • Main image of coverstory: The Long Bridge Isn’t Long,  and, Yes, They Have Tusks.
  • The Long Bridge Isn’t Long, and, Yes, They Have Tusks.

    In our region, November is truly the bridge between autumn-weather and winter-weather. The average temperature in Hangzhou is around 12C, which is cool and comfortable if you hail from a northern clime and brisk if you don’t. If you’re into wooly jumpers, tights, chunky socks, tweed blazers, microfleece, and boots, this is the month for you. (If you’re more the t-shirt, sandals, and shorts type, get out now while you still have a chance.) During November we have on average five hours of sunlight per day, and can expect to have no more than seven wet days over the course of the entire month.
  • Main image of coverstory: Pot Party - Feeling romantic? Spoon a lobster.
  • Pot Party - Feeling romantic? Spoon a lobster.

    Here are two things I know about lobsters. (1) If you flip a lobster onto its back and repeatedly stroke its underside, you can put it to sleep. I do not know whether this is actually putting the lobster to sleep, or tranquilizing it, or freaking it out so much that it goes into a kind of paralytic shock. I also don’t know lobster anatomy well enough to know what one might be stoking when one strokes a lobster’s underside. But I do know that rubbing a lobster the right way knocks-out the lobster, and that – if you want – you can stand a knocked-out lobster on its head.
  • Main image of coverstory: (Sh)e-commerce
  • (Sh)e-commerce

    The amount of digital ink that was spilled during Jack Ma’s US roadshow was staggering, and while the Amazon-sized torrent has slowed-down to a Qiantang trickle, there’s nary a week that passes without another commentary about, analysis of, or paean to Hangzhou’s e-commerce savant. Here on the mainland, both mainstream media and Wechatter have given reportage a distinctly nationalistic flavor. Little to be wondered at: for many Chinese observers, Wall Street’s $25 billion dollar bet on Ma is seen a kind of validation of China, its peoples, and their potency.

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