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blue frog, Paradise Walk Branch/蓝蛙,龙湖天街店

101-18, Building 1, Jiangnan Paradise Walk Business Center, 1515 Jianghan Road 江汉路1515号江南天街商业中心1幢101-18室
0571 8799 0208
10am - 12am

blue frog, Grand Canal Place Branch/蓝蛙,远洋乐堤港店

C130, International Yeah Street, Grand Canal Place, 58 Lishui Road 丽水路58号远洋乐堤港国际Yeah街区C130
0571 8512 1068
10am - 12am

blue frog, Mixc Mall Branch/蓝蛙,万象城店

S58, 1/F, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road 富春路701号万象城二期1楼S58
0571 8755 7288
10am - 12am

blue frog, InTime Branch/蓝蛙,湖滨银泰店

L1-02, L2-02, In77, Hubin InTime, 245 Yan'an Road 延安路245号湖滨银泰In77E区L1-02, L2-02
0571 8708 2960
10am - 11pm

Element Fresh, Paradise Walk Branch/新元素餐厅,滨江龙湖天街店

L1-33, LongFor Paradise Walk, 1515 Jianghan Road 江汉路1515号龙湖天街L1-33
0571 8791 2190
11am - 10pm

Element Fresh, Kerry Centre Branch/新元素餐厅,嘉里中心店

L127, Buliding 3, Kerry Centre, 353 Qingchun Road 延安路353号杭州嘉里中心3幢L127
0571 8813 3687
10am - 10pm

Slim's Steak House/斯利姆牛排餐厅

131, 1/F, LongFor Paradise Walk, 1515 Jianghan Road 江汉路1515号龙湖天街铂金岛商业街一楼131号
151 5712 6257
11:30am - 9:30pm

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Saigon Mama

317, 3/F, IN77, Hubin Intime, 258 Yan'an Road

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L1-35 & 36, 1/F, Area D, IN77 Hubin (next to Victoria’s Secret)
湖滨银泰IN77D区1楼L1-35 & 36

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