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We now have a nice new place to have dinner before having a drink at the Shamrock. New Road has a combination of Japanese and Korean on their menu. It’s in the same building as the Shamrock, and potential diners get there by going up the staircase which leads up to the Greenery Café on the second floor. But let’s digress for a moment and talk about its location near Jianguo road. When the Holiday Inn opened on Jianguo road in 1998, the road was a little two-way passage. We couldn’t believe that someone would choose a location so far on the outskirts of town. The canal that still runs past it was not kept well, and it stank in the summer. Then roads started to widen, buildings began to sprout up, and the canal got a good fixing. Not much resembles the area that it was ten years ago. Michael Weiss, the general manager of the Holiday Inn for the past eight years, tells fantastic stories about the development. We hope all the work that has been done there is as appreciated as it should be. Now back to dinner.We ordered pork ribs and sirloin steak from the barbeque. The pork was full of garlic and flavor. The Korean pancake was lighter and better than any we’d tried before. The Asahi Dry beer was freezing cold, and the Bibimbop (rice mixture in a hot bowl) was excellent. In particular, the service stood out. Our waitress offered suggestions from the Chinese and English picture menu, and was proud when we told her how much we enjoyed our dinner. Dinner for two was 158RMB. It was Sunday, and we were surprised to see a decent group of people cheering the Formula 1 race downstairs in the Shamrock. Apparently, Eddy, their new bartender, served drinks that pleased. 

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54 Ershengmiao Qian, North Zhongshan Road

0571 8607 0902

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 1:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm

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