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If you’ve never been in a German Bier Keller or beer hall before, then walking into Wochinger is exactly what you would see if you have; less all that tiresome travel of course. The InterContinental have pulled out all the stops on the design and implementation of this bar cum brewery and you will pleased with what they have on offer. The place is undoubtedly huge (think aircraft hangar with a low roof) and offers sufficient seating, in many options including private rooms, for parties of any size.

Sitting at traditional benched tables we took in our surroundings that largely evoked a typical in-house brewery with all the brass, copper and bright steel pipes, fittings, tuns, kettles and other brewing equipment that was clearly put in place to catch your eye. We then slowly went through the three home-brewed beers currently on offer, with dutiful, yet knowledgable explanations from Sergii, the bar manager. Starting with an aromatic fruity lager (Helles), onto a sweet and heady dark beer (Dunkel) and finishing with their remarkably authentic white beer (Weissbier) we were not disappointed and had it not been for another appointment, we would have gladly stayed until closing time. The beer was really that good and contained everything a real German beer would except the water. The malt barley and malt wheat are pre-processed in Bamberg, Germany, and then shipped here along with the yeast and the hops. The water used is triple filtered to above international standards and approved by the master brewer himself. Without going into detail, the brew process involves grinding the malt to grist to allow the natural enzymes to work, mixing it with water, yeast and hops, brewing it, filtering it and maturing it. It’s not quite that simple but you should get the idea.

Wochinger’s food menu would set many a Germans stomach grumbling in anticipation of the classics they have on offer. Many varieties of sausage including traditional German regional bratwürsts and the excellent Munich Weisswürst with sweet Bavarian mustard (senf) abound with more robust offerings on the menu including roasted pork knuckle, roast chicken and smoked pork chops. You might also want to try the Wagyu burger with steak fries and sour pickles. Of course lighter meals and snacks are available including the simply moreish Obatzda with freshly baked bread. Look out for the complementary pretzel tree on your table too.

Wochinger have lots going on in the next few months including speed drinking leagues, beer pong, TV sports and themed nights. Group discount packages are available on request, so why not get a gang of you together and head down to the CBD for Hangzhou’s one and only authentic German brewery bar.

Student aus Mainz
2014-05-02 13:17:08
The beer and pretzels were great, but everything after was a disappointment. The schnitzel was thin, dry, and flavorless, while the käsespätzle was more like mashed potatoes with little to no cheese flavor. The environment was a vast open space yet there was more staff than patrons and the live music echoed throughout the empty room. Although it was a weekend, there was no event going on -- perhaps it would be more festive if there were. I could see it being a fun place to watch a game and drink a beer, but I definitely wouldn't recommend the food.
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B1/F, InterContinental Hangzhou, 2 East Jiefang Road

0571 8981 0000 -10387

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 11pm

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