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Terasa’s /窝里
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On the corner of Xixi Road and Gudang you'll find Teresa's; a quaint and cozy college café serving up an array of good food at prices students don't have to worry about spending. The staff is friendly and welcoming, the interior is laid out to offer both open and secluded seating, and the bathroom is probably cozier than some of your own. Seriously, were there a Sniglets book by the commode, I easily could have spent 40 minutes to an hour in there. Remember Sniglets? Anyway, the point we're trying to make is Teresa's feels more like a friend's place than a restaurant. There's original art hanging everywhere, pictures and notes from all the happy previous patrons litter the walls, and all the seating is arranged to encourage intimate conversations, like, How great are Sniglets? Can you believe that guy doesn't know about Sniglets? The day we went for lunch it was blazing outside, so we sat up front next the air conditioner and ordered a lemon lychee juice (26RMB) and a strawberry frappuccino (28RMB) that was truly delightful. It was the perfect refreshment for a simmering summer day. We were a little taken with the variety of food on offer, and everything looked appealing, so not knowing what to order, we spread it out. We started with the 8-inch chicken gringa (30RMB) which made a great little appetizer for two. We followed this up with the beef burger (37RMB), which we'd normally call a cheeseburger, but they also offer chicken and pork despite the fact that those meats a burger don't make. Chicken and pork make sandwiches, beef makes the burger. Anyone who tells you different is flat-out wrong. It's a pretty good burger, we were pleasantly surprised. The 6-inch sausage pizza (29RMB) you can pass on. Although it's by no means terrible, there are better things on the menu, like the creamy chicken pasta (33RMB). We tore through this dish like Heathcliff tears through seafood pasta. Remember Heathcliff? Anybody? They've a full line-up of coffee drinks starting at only 20RMB. If you're not in the mood for a big caffeine jolt, they also have tea, smoothies, milk shakes, and beer. Overall, this is the type of place we loved to visit when we were in college and we're glad such a place exists for this generation of college students. Like the Peach Pit on Beverly Hills 90210. Oh, that one you get. Philistines. Free Wi-Fi is available. The menu is in Chinese and English. Don't bother with the car.

good food but...FYI
2011-10-09 02:24:20
Last week between classes I was in Teresa's buying a Milk Tea. Sadly, my eyes look into the kitchen and witnessed a giant rat jump down onto the clean dish rack and run off... needless to say... I won't eat there again. sigh...and it was so good... Oh and the service is terrible. If you're okay with waiting 35 mins for a drink...then Alrighty then. :)
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418 Xixi Road

0571 8512 7176

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am
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