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Tang Palace/唐宫海鲜舫
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Tang Palace is a big restaurant group, and their first restaurant was opened in 1997. To date, they have 8 different brands, and 53 restaurants all over China serving traditional Chinese, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Japanese cuisines. When their Tang Palace Seafood restaurant opened in Mixc Mall, we were invited for an unbelievably amazing feast that made us roll out of the restaurant with their homemade moon cakes and Malaysian white coffee. We can’t count how many dishes we tried, all we can remember was we had no rest because we kept putting food in our mouth. It was all so good that we couldn’t stop.

Tang Palace serves Cantonese style food which involves lots of items from the sea, and a number of ingredients: spring onion, sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice wine, cornstarch, vinegar, scallion oil, and sesame oil. Suffice to say that the flavor is enhanced, although garlic is heavily used in some dishes. Our starters were six cold dishes, the Japanese Organic Tomato 日式有机番茄 (28RMB) tasted surprisingly good. It was sweet tomato juice mixed with the plum juice, and was so refreshing, and it quickly gave us an appetite for the coming main courses.

We are definitely not overstating ourselves when we call it a feast, the food just kept coming, and if we wanted to write about everything, it could easily go on for two pages. Here are what we liked the most: Dendrobium Stewed Dried Conch Soup 鲜石斛滋补炖响螺 (656RMB/big pot), Superior Braised Goose 至尊烧鹅皇 (158RMB/half), Grilled Beef Ribs 炭烧牛肋骨 (268RMB), Signature Crispy Spring Pigeon 唐宫招牌乳鸽 (29.8RMB/one), Canadian Lobster Baked with Gold Metal Sauce 金牌酱焗加拿大龙虾 (618RMB/2.5), Deep Sea Crab Cooked in Two Ways 深海松叶蟹两仪 (800RMB/3). And if you are a big fan of dim sum, Tang Palace is a great place to try some, especially because they serve the dim sum till dinner time when most Cantonese restaurants would only serve it during lunch. We recommend you try the Portuguese Egg Tarts 葡式焗蛋挞 (48RMB/six), Tang Palace’s Shrimp Dumplings 唐宫虾饺皇 (24RMB, w/four shrimp), Steamed BBQ Pork Bum 蜜汁叉烧包 (17RMB), Small Steamed Buns with Pork 鲜肉小笼包 (17RMB), Steamed Shaomai Dumplings with Mushroom 香菇烧卖皇 (20RMB), Steamed Truffle Dumplings with Wild Mushroom黑松露野菌饺 (17RMB), Ice Skin Durian Pastry 冰皮雪榴莲 (48RMB/six), and Almond Tea 滋润生磨杏仁茶 (22RMB).

Parking is available at Mixc Mall underground parking lot. English menu is available for the dim sum menu.

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688, 6/F, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road

0571 8199 9139, 81999138

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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