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Tairyo, InTime Branch/大渔, 城西银泰店
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Like most Teppanyaki joints, the focal points of Tairyo’s are the huge, centrally located hot plates. Surrounded by the best seats in the house, you should make it your upmost priority to be seated here and as close to the action as possible, which can be ensured by arriving early. Providing you can handle the heat, these front row seats give the perfect vantage point from which to sit back and watch the show as the hot plate becomes canvas and Teppanyaki chef becomes artist.

The al-la-carte menu doesn’t have any huge surprises, so you will no doubt find your favourite Sushi and Teppanyaki dishes amongst what’s on offer, but a few of Tairyo’s own concoctions are thrown in for good measure. An extensive menu is available including hot and cold dishes like Foie Gras and Crab Roe Salad (30RMB), Assorted Sushi (50RMB), Lamp Chop (50RMB), Grilled Cod (40RMB) and Tairyo’s Garlic Oysters (40RMB). Some standout dishes are the King Prawn Tempura (50RMB), using pistachios in its batter, while the Fillet Beef Steak with Onion (50RMB) was cooked and seasoned with expertise.

While al-la-carte is offered, dishes are priced in such a way as to push patrons towards the 180RMB all-you-can-eat option, which if you are ordering more than a couple dishes, is a no-brainer. For this price you can make an evening out of your Teppanyaki experience and guarantee that the Teppanyaki chef has his work cut out for him. Everything on the menu is at your disposable, and although at first glance some dishes might seem a tad small, you’ll realise this is for your own benefit as it gives you more freedom and flexibility to try a wider range of dishes without overeating. After finding a dish that ticks the boxes for you but leaves you craving more, just reorder. 

A modest selection of juices and alcoholic beverages are included in the all-you-can-eat price, so stay true to the Japanese vibe and grab a bottle of Kirin (15RMB) and a cup of delicious Plum Wine (20RMB per bottle). To top off the meal, a complimentary cup of Hagen Das is thrown in. 

Tairyo’s is located on the 3rd Floor of Chengxi’s InTime shopping mall. Parking available underground.

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037, 3/F, Intime Mall, 299 Fengdeng Street

0571 8761 6226, 8761 6228

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm

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