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If you’ve never been to the Tea Boutique Hotel on Shuguang Road just east of Huanglong Road, you’re really missing out. This über-chic place combines tea culture with traditional Chinese motifs in a way that’s new, modern, comfortable, and welcoming. The same can be said for their luxurious, in-house, T Spa, where they’ve brilliantly combined decorative themes of Southeast Asia, with the best in modern ergonomic design. The result is a calming feast for the senses. 

On our last trip to T Spa we opted for the Thai herbal bath (240RMB/30min. treatment) and full-body Swedish massage (380RMB/60min. treatment). While our bath was being drawn we were instructed to disrobe and shower so as to prep the body for our immersion in their signature brew of herbs, essential oils, and of course tea. We were instructed to not spend the entire time soaking, but to remove ourselves after steeping durations of 8, 10, and 5 minutes respectively; with 2 to 3 minute breaks between each soak. The benefits of this bath include toning the skin, detoxifying the body, improving circulation, and strengthening the immune system. We did as we were told and were rewarded not only with an aromatic, relaxing bath, but skin that felt reinvigorated and clean. 

After our bath, we toweled off, donned our obligatory, one-time-use-only, undergarments and sipped tea while our massage therapist prepared a foot bath of rose pedals and essential oils. After having our feet and, subsequently, our sense of calm adequately prepped we were instructed to lay prone on our comfy massage tables so the Swedish massage could begin. 
The only problem with the Swedish massage at the T Spa is it has to end. For over an hour their masterful massage therapists rubbed, kneaded, pushed, pulled, probed, and cajoled out the kinks and knots one occurs enduring the trials and trepidations of life. As is customary with a top-notch Swedish massage, we were gently revived from a state of semi-conscious serenity with a gentle face and head massage that marked the end of our delightful spa day. 

A day of pure pleasure at T Spa at the Tea Boutique hotel will run you 620RMB if you opt for what we did, but that’s not to say that’s all they have to offer. They have a full line of relaxing treatments that are all comparably priced, so check out the T Spa and treat yourself to the level of luxury you know you deserve. 

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Tea Boutique Hotel, 124 Shuguang Road

0571 8799 6003

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