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Sunway Restaurant/上味小海小鲜
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This month we’ve reviewed two places where ordering is a bit difficult but neither Sunway nor Green Tea should be avoided. Sunway just opened a couple of months ago, and it’s centrally located just to the west of Zhejiang University’s Xixi campus. Everything on offer is on display. For most things, diners simply have to choose and point. Waiters have to be told how to cook the live seafood which can be a little difficult, but not enough so that people shold aviod the place. The process is very muck like many of the outdoor fish markets and Dapaidans. There are many places to get seafood around town. Sunway is done up with more style than most. Take a business partner or a date, and fear not. 

As to be expected, wild fish can get pricey. Farmed raised fish just don’t taste that good. The daily selection varies depending on the catch, so it would be useless for us to recommend anything in particular. Our rule of thumb is to cook more expensive wild fish with as little spice and as few additional ingredients as possible in order to get the true flavor. Dump the cheap stuff into the deep fryer and slop it with sauce. Go for many reasonably prices vegetable dishes, and always finish off the meal with either a big bowl of noodles or rice. Ordering ten rare Mediterranean fish for a table of ten is overkill, but do as you like. The biggest drawback to Sunway is its wine selection, but the waiter told us that if we bring our own wine, they’ll let us drink it for a corking fee (20-50RMB/bottle). It looked as if this could easily be bargained down. Dive in. Cheers. Visible menu available. 

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1 North Baochu Road

0571 8821 2708

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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