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Spicy House /辣府
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As if choosing your favouritehot pot restaurant wasn’t already hard enough, Hangzhou’s newest arrival, Spicy House, enters the fray to stir things up. Mouthwatering, numb-spicy Chongqing style hot pot at its finest, Spicy House is a sure contender for your top hot pot spot.
Being spoilt for choice for hot pot in Hangzhou usually means asking yourself: “Why should I come to thishot pot restaurant?” Many hot pot restaurants offer gimmicks (Haidilao’s Service springs to mind) to separate themselves from the competition. So what does Spicy House have to offer you? Let’s begin with the name. As numb-spicy goes, this place has it in abundance, guaranteed to leave your mouth with that numb-but-wanting-more sensation. Of course, for the milder-hearted, tamer broths are available. To be on the safe, side, go for the split pot(78RMB) so you can switch at those times when the spice gets too much for you.
     The menu here is pretty extensive(and in Chinese), with an ample variety of meat and vegetable dishes, some served in such a decorative manner that it makes the arrival of each an occasion in itself. Dishes such as Snowflake Beef(88RMB), Sichuan Bamboo(18RMB), Mashed Shrimp(38RMB), Numb-Spicy Fish(36RMB) and Handmade Tofu Skin Meat Rolls(18RMB) are just some examples of what this place can offer you, all composed of fresh, high quality ingredients. For those who think they can handle it, try a couple Exploding Meat Balls(28RMB), but eat with caution as they come with a fully-deserved three-chilli warning.  If the spice gets too much for you, order a generously sized 1.2 litre glass of Tiger (58RMB) in an attempt to extinguish that numb and spicy flavourfrom the insides of your mouth. Imported beers and wines are also available, along with a selection of juices, teas and soft drinks.
     Spicy House leans more towards being a higher-end hot pot restaurant. Although prices may seem a little higher than your average hot pot joint, they are fully warranted as Spicy House doesn’t compromise when it comes to their ingredients. If Spicy House has a selling point, it's that it offers food of a high standard and any true hot pot fan, or newcomer for that matter, will not be disappointed with the standard offered. No gimmicks per say, just hot pot done right.
     Located in Wulin Road, no nearby parking is available. Outside smoking area. Open from 11am- 2pm and 4pm till late (last seatings at 12am). English menus are arriving in the near future.

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3/F, Building 1, Queen Park, 277 Wulin Road

0571 8577 9357

Opening Hours:
11am - 2pm, 4pm till late (last seatings at 12am)
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