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Sovereign Shark/至尊鲨鱼
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You've noticed this place. It's hard not to. Maybe you've just noticed the giant-sized aquarium out front and not the restaurant. But, at least you noticed. That's the idea anyway. We've always avoided this place. Our seafood section is a little skimpy, we know. It's not that we don't like seafood; it's just that it's so damned expensive. And those are just the normal seafood restaurants not ones with sharks swimming out front. We felt it was finally time to give it a taste, so we tapped on the tank and headed in. There's nothing truly special about the decor at Sovereign Shark. It's simple and clean and modern. There are tons of private rooms, but the first floor has a nice long dining room decorated in white. We don't really understand why there was a TV, but at least it wasn't on. Though it was busy, it's always busy, it wasn't too noisy because the building is big and they do a good job of spreading people out. Most people head to the rooms anyway. The menu is loaded with the best choices of seafood you can find in the city. We had the Crab with Rice Cake (138/kg). The crab was meaty and cooked just right. They've got Alaskan King Crab for 500 RMB/kg, but we didn't bring enough moolah for that luxury. And, there's lots of imported seafood: Norwegian tuna, salmon, oysters, Australian Lobster, North Atlantic Clams. We can't leave out the namesake fish. The Shark's Fin ranges in price from 10-3,000RMB. They've got Bird's Nest and Abalone as well. Here's an odd menu item: a suckling pig. Goes for 380 kuai. We ordered quasi-conservatively and managed to get out of there for 350RMB, without drinks. Not as bad as we'd thought. 

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49 Shuguang Road

0571 8511 6688

Opening Hours:
11am-1:30pm, 3:30pm-9pm

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