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Shoukangyong Vegetarian Restaurant, Wushan Branch/寿康永素菜馆, 吴山店
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Now, here's our biggest problem with vegetarian food: It's not meat! And, it's really hard to get past this when you're just so into the stuff. Worry not. There are some awesome dishes here that will have even the carniest of the carnivores excited. Take the Three Cups Chicken (a Taiwanese dish). Perfect texture, perfect flavor. Don't believe us? We brought a veg along to get him to sample the food the poor boy eats nothing but fried rice and bok choy every day. Throughout the whole meal he kept asking, Are you sure this isn't meat? Yeah, we're sure. Wanna know how? This is a favorite haunt of the moneyed monks. Though, it doesn't take much. We spent just 159 kuai. Not too shabby considering our table was filled with beautifully presented dishes, beginning with the sausage and finishing up with a huge pot of soup. There were tons of leftovers and not a dish was a dud. There is a slight, slight drawback to this place however. In keeping with the monastic prescripts, this is a dry restaurant, meaning that there aren't no alcohol to be had. But, there are a lot of freshly-juiced juices. It's okay to treat your liver to a little vacation from the fat and the alcohol every once in a while. English and picture menu available. 

Cockroach City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-07-24 00:52:59
I read your review of this place and since I was going for a meal with a vegetarian friend I thought I'd check it out. We were impressed with the menu and the fact that almost everything on the menu appealed to us. However just as the starter arrived I started to feel something moving around on my ankle. Initially I thought it was the tablecloth so I just brushed it with my hand and it was okay. A few moments later I started to feel it again and when I looked down I found a small cockroach on my ankle. I thought that this was an isolated incidence so I decided to let it slide. I just flicked of the cockroach and gave it a good firm stamp with my foot ensuring it would not bother me again. Just a few minutes later a friendly cockroach decided to venture up onto our table and onto one of the dishes that we were, up until that point, enjoying.I got a napkin and removed it from the table and gave this one another stamp ensuring it wouldn't be back to bother us. It was at this point that I alerted my fellow diners to the cockroach situation as I seen no reason to ruin their dining experience beforehand as I though it was just a getaway cockroach at the table. As soon as we were all aware of this we started to look a little closer at the floor and the walls and we found that there were cockroaches everywhere. Large ones, small ones, tiny ones. They were all over the place! By this point we were more than half way through our meal and all of us had eaten enough to feel a little sick. The staff in the restaurant seemed completely oblivious to this infestation. It was only when we decided to point it out to the staff that they decided to do something about it. As your review stated this was a 'Buddhist' Restaurant. It appeared to me that they were not strict 'Buddhists' as quite a few of the wait staff were stomping on the cockroaches. I of course had no problem with this but I did feel for the wait staff as I really didn't want to be responsible for them getting some 'Bad Karma'. The staff even started to use some bug spray that they had handy which got in some of our throats but more worryingly pointed towards the fact that this was not a new problem for them. Despite being physically sick we joked with the staff that it wasn't very 'Buddhist' of them to be killing insects to which we were told that they weren't killing the cockroaches but putting them in a bucket to be released later. The manager finally got involved and offered us a discount on the items that we had eaten. We made it quite clear to her that we wouldn't be paying for anything and then left the restaurant. I have worked and dined in restaurants all around the world and this was the single most terrible dining experience that I have ever had. If you are after good vegetarian food in Hangzhou I suggest you make it at home because this is not the place to go.
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38 South Yan’an Road

0571 8707 0118

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm

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