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Senkushiya Japanese Grill Restaurant/千串屋串烧专门店
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These days Zhongshan Road is undergoing some major reconstruction. Fortunately, they aren't widening the road. They're just making much of it a pedestrian walkway, preserving the old French Maple trees that make the road so attractive. Many of the buildings are also undergoing a facelift with that ubiquitous green netting stretched over their facades. Some of the shops have simply closed their doors, some have resorted to putting their wares on the street, and a few have carried on like nothing is happening. One shop has defied logic and opened anew. We would never have noticed this newcomer behind the green had it not been for our Japanese magazine editor friend. He said that he had been there three times in three weeks, and that we had to give it a try.

So we searched through the construction and obstructions, scanning all the numbers on the sides of the buildings until we finally found this hidden gem. The d-cor of this place is unlike many other Japanese places around town. As a matter of fact, it's more like a home than anything else with the television playing on the wall. Senkushiya is from Shibuya and on their yakitori chicken yakiton pork, they use Ako natural salt and sauces made with chicken stock and a variety of delicious home-style seasonings. Their meats are cured for 24 hours and the delicious flavors are sealed in by grilling them at just the right distance above a flame of Bincho charcoal. We highly recommend the rice cake wrapped in bacon skewers, and the salad which was a nice addition to all the barbeque. Draught Sapporo is served at a reasonable 18RMB/glass. We sat at the bar just behind the barbeque, but there is also a private room for a small or large group.

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336-1 Central Zhongshan Road

138 1919 4454

Opening Hours:
5:30pm - 10pm

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