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Schanke Beer Bar/喧客德国啤酒酒吧餐厅
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On North Zhonghe Road and Qingchun Road, right behind the Starbucks on Jiade Square, the extremely swanky Schanke German Beer Bar has been raised from the rubble of a rundown and unused building. Being partial to the occasional tankard of German beer and a dabble in the odd Frankfurter, a visit to the newly opened Schanke German Beer Bar was something I'd been eagerly anticipating. Immediately after entering into the impressively lofty main dining hall - which is overlooked by a fashionably constructed and slightly more peaceful wooden mezzanine dining space - people could be seen knocking back beers and tucking into a range of shared delectables at several long, solid wooden benches. As you'd expect in a German beer bar, I suppose. To the right of the benches, a heavy-set, dark wood topped bar adorned with slick metallic beer pumps stretches out parallel to an imposing wall of piled wooden ale barrels where the Schanke German Beer Bar serves it's self-brewed, dark and wheat Schanke beers which are pulled from the fashionably imposing, steel distillery tanks adjacent to the keg covered wall, for 1m long 12 glasses is 228RMB (200ml each glass), and 2m 24 glasses is 456RMB. Shortly after taking our seats in broad wooden chairs at a long bench, several wooden platter boards were served. The first - as this was the grand opening - was a combination of the mixed grill (238RMB) and the mixed grilled platter (498RMB), which between them consisted of battered cod, sweetly grilled chicken, pork spare ribs and pork knuckle. A little later, after several more beers and a few Glenfiddich single malts (58RMB per measure), a second platter board was served. This time it consisted of an assortment of the different Pan Fried Sausage with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potato dishes, including the Frankfurter (56RMB) and Nuremberg Sausage (58RMB). Although cooked well and being very tasty, the food was unfortunately a little cold. We will, however, be giving the Schanke German Beer Bar another visit as it is a cool place, and after all, this was the opening night and due to the sheer number of people, it was incredibly hectic. There is plenty of parking on site, smoking indoors is permitted and the Ukraine “Quiz” band plays daily from 8:30pm to 10:30pm on Sundays to Thursdays, and 9:30pm – 11:30pm on Fridays to Saturdays. The menu is in both English and Chinese.

2014-11-17 09:03:20
There are some good things about this place but it falls short on so many others. While the decoration is nice, the service is incredibly slow. We showed up at 6, the place was empty but it still took them 15 minutes to pour 2 beers. There were 4 guys behind the counter doing nothing at all, I think they forgot about it. The beer tasted pretty good but considering the facilities (and price) you would expect it to be fantastic. The food is fine but nothing special. The sausages are quite bland and most likely frozen. The pork knuckle is quite good though.
peter schulz
2014-09-23 23:20:49
The place is pretty good and the food and beer is one of the best one I have had in China (better than most of the big name chains in shanghai actually). The atmosphere is good and the live band too.
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Room -3 and 2-2, Building 32, Qingchunfang, Qingchun Road

0571 5666 0999

Opening Hours:
10am - 1am

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