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Reggae Bar/黑根酒吧
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<p>The Reggae Bar on Xueyuan Road near Wen Er Road is a landmark in Hangzhou's ever-changing nightlife scene. It boasts 3 full floors to cater to whatever it is you&amp;rsquo;re looking for. The sound system&amp;rsquo;s slamming, the drinks are always what you&amp;rsquo;d expect, (read: good and affordable), the food, for a bar, is pretty good, and the various seating layouts on each floor allow you to hide out with close friends or make new ones on the dance floor. The 3rd floor also offers pool and darts. Check out the live music on Friday nights. Food and Bi-lingual menu available.<br /><br />Well rejoice trucker hat doffing frat boys, because your bar has reopened right nearby on Xueyuan Road, which is appropriate because this place caters to the younger, more vivacious college crowd. We went on opening night listening to many a DJ yell shit into a microphone, which was enjoyable for about 15 seconds before the sight of a 17 year-old puking-up beer foam reminded me my crow's feet aren&amp;rsquo;t fading any and we made our way up to the very quaint 3rd floor. Were we not the oldest people up there we might have enjoyed ourselves but the truth was we were out of our element.<br /><br />Thankfully, they&amp;rsquo;d updated the music. Seriously, if we hear Shaggy ever again it&amp;rsquo;ll be too soon. The music was enveloping but never offensive and people were as free to dance as they were to converse. It is the Reggae Bar after all so you should expect a laidback atmosphere. As we soaked in the new lay-out which is at least 3-times the size of the old place, we were comforted to see some things hadn&amp;rsquo;t changed. The bottled Carlsburg was warmer than a cup of Earl Grey and the bathrooms were already soaked in a writhing inch of urine and shame.<br /><br />Another thing that hasn&amp;rsquo;t changed is the reasonable price you will find attached to all their drinks. They've added a pool table for you hustlers out there and a cozy-ish second floor that overlooks a pulsating ground floor that&amp;rsquo;s packed with dancers and future sex offenders. Remember Matthew McConaughey 's character, Wooderson, from Dazed and Confused? He pretty much sums up the appeal of this place, &amp;ldquo;That&amp;rsquo;s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older and they stay the same age.&amp;rdquo; Welcome back Reggae Bar. &lt;br /&gt; &lt;/p&gt;</p>
2016-12-07 09:26:20
I have enjoyed nights here on my own and with friends - usually to see live music.I like my spirits in a short glass filled to the top with ice and just a splash of mixer. Every time I always have drinks the same but they never remember. The prices to buy bottles of spirits are not too bad though.The pizza tastes great (even for fussy people that want thin base pizza) but they are often out of the ingredients and can only offer one or two of their menu choices.
2014-04-17 03:03:57
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They have the little extra
2007-10-07 07:29:02
This place is weired, they have nice drinks, nice music (even if its not reggea every night), and nice snacks. Its a loud and fancy place. You will find young and modern Chinese as well as some foreigners there. I think this is a nice place to worm up for a crazy party night.
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131 Xueyuan Road

0571 8657 5749

Opening Hours:
6pm - very late

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