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PizzaMarzano, Raffles City Branch/披萨玛尚诺, 来福士店
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The new Raffles mall sure is an impressive piece of architectural art. And it was the place where we went to for the opening of a new PizzaMarzano restaurant (located on the first floor). It certainly was a glamorous event with camera flashlights buzzing and the chef presenting every dish with a short story about it.

The first thing coming to our table was the Burrata Italia. It came with a lot of Ruccola and this time the sauce was more than enough. The buffalo mozzarella itself was gorgeous and the light sweetness of the sauce and the bitterness of the Ruccola made it a tasty starter. For seafood lovers New Zealand mussels and spicy sweet pepper prawns came next. Both were imported and fresh and especially the mussels were juicy and drowned in a delicious soup. The prawns’ tasted mouthwatering and were neither to sweet nor too spicy. As last starter we had a Super food salad with beans and a sweet dressing.

The best parts of the menu were the main dishes though. We had an Italian sausage pizza, which isn’t on the menu yet, with a very thin crust and slightly spicy Italian sausages on top. After that we had Cozze e Granchio, very al dente pasta with mussels in (again) a delicious soup and Halibut with roasted Fennel. The halibut was beautiful and tasted like it came straight out of the sea and the roasted Fennel was juicy and a good counterpart to the fish. Definitely the best dish of the menu was the Angus Ribeye steak. It came to the table perfectly the way I like it. Juicy, and with not too much pepper on top, it simply was a delight.

And to make us really full we had Tiramisu ice-cream as a dessert. Not only was there ice-cream with a tasty sauce on the plate, but also the Tiramisu was made of ice-cream. It was a cold delight for the sweet-tooth.

The best part of the evening was the perfect service. As soon as a glass was empty we were served new Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc or Carrot & Orange juice and the plates were constantly changed. And the chef’s stories about the dishes added a personal touch to this restaurant opening.

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No. 35/36, 1/F, Raffles City, 228 Xinye Road

0571 8805 7086

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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