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Paulaner Bräuhaus/保拉纳啤酒坊
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In the new Lixing 1157 Mall, just off Zhongshan South Road, you'll find Paulaner Bräuhaus, a truly German, or more specifically Munich, style bar and restaurant. We found it a bit tricky to find, as it's tucked away in the corner of the mall, although it's far from small. Paulaner packs in more than a whopping 1000 seats, making it one of the largest western restaurants in Hangzhou, and even holds the title of the largest Paulaner beer house internationally. The open plan design feels wonderfully spacious, I can't help but imagine an Oktoberfest like experience, with the room packed out to the brim with people, pints clinking all around, and conversation filling the atmosphere.

What makes Paulaner different from the other countless number of similar venues, other than its size, is its reputation as a brand of quality and great taste. Paulaner is one of Germany’s most popular beer brands, they’ve been making beer so long, it's practically rooted in to Munich's history. Many restaurants and bars across Hangzhou already feature it on their menus, but at Paulaner Bräuhaus, the beer is entirely brewed fresh right onsite. The entire process can be seen throughout the restaurant, with two huge centrepiece copper brew kettles. Other equipment for mashing, fermenting and conditioning, are scattered all around. This is the real deal for fans of German beer.

We tried each of their 3 main beers on tap; Hefeweizen (Wheat), Original Lager, and Original Dark. Each beer was spot on with the Paulaner taste, except for an added freshness that just made it all the more enjoyable. Beers come in 4 sizes, starting with 0.33L for 48RMB and going all the way up to a party sized 3L for 350RMB. Cocktails and bottled beers are also available. As for food, they fortunately don’t just offer the typical German sausages, instead they’ve chosen to specialise mainly in traditional Munich dishes. A few of our favourites that we think particularly stood out include; Grilled Pork with German Pasta (148RMB), Cordon Bleu of Pork (167RMB), and Baked King Prawns (288RMB). Also on the menu is a selection of salads, appetizers, and deserts. The portion sizes are all quite big, and will likely leave you feeling stuffed.

A live-band plays in the evenings, and after the official opening, you can expect to see regular events and promotions. The menu is available in both English and German. Smoking is permitted. Free parking available.

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Admittedly the service was attentive BUT because there are so few patrons the staff attention on the table was overbearing at times.We had meatloaf, pork knuckle, salmon, cheesecake, beers, Mojito and mixed drinks. The meatloaf wasn't very good (think tinned meat aka spam) but came with a nice potato salad. Staff said the meatloaf was made for Chinese taste???The pork knuckle was excellent - looked great and tasted great.The salmon was both overcooked (very dry) and somehow cold. They don't know about heating the crockery of warm dishes.Mixed drinks were amazing and Mojito was pretty good. No-one was too keen on the tap beer this occassion preferring bottles of Paulaner instead.My cheesecake was the best one I've had in Hangzhou for a while. Just missed that it didn't have a biscuit base.The high prices were indicative of the environment and service standard BUT also set an expectation for the standard of food which did not match.We would only return for events or roast meals.
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4/F, Shangcheng 1157, 77 South Zhongshan Road

0571 5666 8229

Opening Hours:
11am - 1:30am

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