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We heard about this place from a friend of ours who lives just outside of Zhejiang University's back gate, and we went there right away. Who wouldn't want to try a panini? This shop specializes in them, and it's done in a very pleasant way. Small with white unfinished walls, this spot is very clean and tidy. We guess you have to be when everything is in the open as it is. They must have gotten their menu from somewhere else because it's innovative to say the least. We mean who puts apple with ham and cheese (20RMB)? But it all tastes quite good. We would definitely recommend the Italian Tuna Salad with Avocado and Cheese (25RMB). The Corned Beef (25RMB) was more like pastrami, but it was nice if not a bit light on the meat. We also had the Chicken with Lemon and Tarragon (23RMB), which was juicy with the chicken salad they put on there. And like the Red Space Cafe, they also have a decent, if not more limited, selection of beers with Tsingtao (12RMB), Stella Artois (25RMB) Heineken (18RMB), Hoegaarden (38RMB), and Lindeman's Kriek (46RMB). And all of these goodies can be had on top of thick dark wood tables, while comfy leather chairs keep you cozy. To rival their neighbor, Ife Cafe, they've also got some coffee, and it's straight out of Segafredo: espresso (16RMB) and regular coffee (15RMB) are as to be expected coming from the Italian roasters. They've also got some wicked juices the competition doesn't have. Especially good is the Red Bayberry (18RMB or 10RMB with the purchase of a panini), which is a definite must-try. Their Grapefruit juice (same price as the bayberry) is also quite refreshing. Smokers need not worry, as the room at the back has been reserved for you. Drivers need worry, however, as there's no parking nearby. 

2019-03-31 16:31:07
I like itinstead of one large hall room.
Alternative to parking
2010-08-10 21:00:36
There's a car wash directly across the street, where you can get the jalopy washed whilst you dive across the street for a coffee and a panini.
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418 Xixi Road

0571 8515 8353

Opening Hours:
8am - 12am

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