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No. 3 Yanxia Cave /烟霞洞3号
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Imagine being a sniper who's about to take a clean head shot from 800 meters away, while ants crawl all over your body as you lay prone on the ground, and the stench of sweat and mosquito repellant stings your nostrils while you're sighting your target through the optics of a 24x scope. Now imagine that the guy you're about to drop is the annoying geek who works in the cubicle next to you at the office, and how good it will feel to pull the trigger. That's what No. 3 Yanxia Cave offers, as a full-service retreat for companies and gamer groups who want to play some war games on the tree-lined hills of Hangzhou. Along with laser-activated gear to confirm “kills,” there are camouflage suits available, four kinds of high-quality replica guns to tote, and full support from knowledgeable staff that will turn you into a lean, mean, faux-killing machine. If this isn't quite your thing, there is a restaurant on site that amazed us with its incredibly good food. Glass noodles with bean sprouts, Tofu simmered in “xue cai” with bacon, fried potato strips with vinegar, delicious thinly-sliced roasted pork, a mighty steamed spicy fish head, and the signature “XO Sauce Fried Rice,” made this outdoor sports outfit a real surprise indeed. While the prices are a tad on the high side, gourmands that appreciate good Chinese food will be surprised to find this kind of fare. Drinks are limited to a selection of health juices, wheat tea, and a rather poor selection of beers, but the explanation was that unhealthy conventional drinks wouldn't do for suit-wearing pansies whom spend the majority of their time sitting in front of computers. Prices are 60RMB per person for rappelling lessons, 120RMB per person for a half day of “CS,” or Counterstrike, with other price packages available. Parking is no problem, plenty of space for company buses and vans at the base of the mountain. An important tip for all you weekend Rambos: We strongly recommend calling beforehand to set up a confirmed date. Your overall enjoyment will be much higher if you arrange everything prior to showing up cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

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3 Yanxia Cave, Manjuelong Road

0571 8796 1807

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9pm

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