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Nine Creeks Rose Garden Club /九溪玫瑰园花园餐厅
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Those of you who have been in Hangzhou for a while may remember the legendary Paradise Rock bar on Hubin Road, which was about the only place at the time where you could find a decent burger and fries and kick back with a beer and some fellow expats. Paradise Rock has long since closed, but the owner has come back with a new venue, the Nine Creeks Rose Garden Club, which is set in the middle of the Rose Garden Villa next to the Nine Creeks scenic area, as the name implies.

The place has the feel of an exclusive country club with an open dining room and several private rooms that have direct access to a large patio overlooking a swimming pool and green hills in the background. The private rooms have either a western dining arrangement or large round tables for Chinese dining, which reflects the 2 separate menus for western or Chinese cuisine. There was an impressive collection of premium Chinese baijiu, red and white wines in the entrance hall.

The former chef from Paradise Rock is back here too and the Western food menu is much the same. Favourites like the Paradise Beef Burger (65RMB), Bruce’s BBQ Pork Ribs (98RMB), Nasi Goreng (55RMB), pastas and pizzas are included. We didn’t get to sample much of the Western food, but the Baked Sweet Potato (7RMB), Cream Mushroom Soup (28RMB) and fries tasted just like they used to.

Among the Chinese dishes that stood out were a firm-fleshed fish steamed in sweet Chinese rice wine and Majiagou Celery (马家沟芹) – a crunchy cold celery salad. The menu was still being tweaked at the time of our visit and the items we ate were not all listed. Prices in the Chinese menu are reasonable given the location, ranging from 37-57RMB for vegetables and 47-137RMB for meats.

The Nine Creeks Rose Garden Club’s location will mainly appeal to the residents of the surrounding villas or to those visiting the Nine Creeks area. People nostalgic for a taste of the old Paradise Rock bar would also like to drop by. The club has a few rooms (480-580RMB) for rent and patrons can make a little getaway, enjoying the swimming pool and natural scenery. The club will officially open in July. Parking available.

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20 East Wuyun Road

0571 8665 0597, 0571 8665 0382, 180 7288 5699

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm
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