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New Tin’s/新庭记
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Have you read about those restaurants in the south of China that look more like zoos than eateries? You know the ones with everything from beetles to beluga? All right, there's no beluga this side of the East China Sea, but for the sake of alliteration I hope you understand what I'm getting at. New Tin's gets about as close to zoo-like as you can get (round these parts at least). There used to be a time when ordering snake was a prerequisite. Nowadays it's hard to find let alone order, but not at New Tin's. They've got some big ones (185RMB/jin) in a cage just as you enter the front door. They've also got a wide range of wild fish and birds. And while the thought of drinking a snake's gall bladder squeezins in a small cup with baijiu sounded tempting, it was still early in the afternoon when we got there, so we passed. Like most zoo-like restaurants or rest-zoo-rants the ordering is done outside of the dining room where you simply point at the dishes. As we later found out, we pointed at way too many things, so be careful when everyone orders at the same time without knowing what everyone else is getting. We ordered so much in fact that we had enough for lunch the following day.

Of the many things we eventually got, the Braised Pork Cooked with Tofu Skin was surely the biggest hit of the day. The Fried Pancake with Eggs Fried with Leeks was the most filling, and the Chicken Stew was the closest we got to something wild. We dined on all this while pleasantly sitting on comfortable woven chairs in a room decked out with wood floors and sharp-looking lighting. Because we stayed away from the exotic fare, our bill for four people came to 260RMB. Note that Wenhui road is a one-way street, so if you're going there from the west, you have to first go east to Hedong road and then turn west on Wenhui road stopping just before the bridge on the north side of the road. Interactive menu available. 

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356 Wenhui Road

0571 8523 8000

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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