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Nan Yang Lu Singaporean Cuisine/南洋炉
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We at MORE magazine have a soft spot for Singaporean food. Any news about a new Singaporean restaurant opening and we’ll rush over to check it out. The latest addition, Singapore Cuisine on Wushan Road is a cozy little place with a few seats on the ground floor and more seating on the second level. Panorama posters of Singapore’s skyline decorate the walls, immersing you in the modern feel of that dynamic island country.

MC, the co-owner and chef, lived four years in Singapore and speaks fluent English with an endearing Singapore accent. Starting as a dish washer at an international hotel in Singapore, he had an avid interest in learning all he could about cooking. During his breaks, he would help out in the kitchen and pick up knowledge whenever he had the chance. The chefs noticed his dedication and began teaching him until he became an accomplished chef of French cuisine.

He learned about cooking Singaporean food from chatting with his chef friends, discussing favourite dishes and what ingredients create that special taste. Coming back to his native Hangzhou, Chef MC’s love of cooking led him to open Singapore Cuisine to share his passion with Hangzhou.

It’s getting to be a familiar story now, but restaurants in Hangzhou that start out with authentic flavours eventually have to curb the taste for local customers. The Original Singapore Laksa (45RMB) had the full range of toppings – deep fried tofu, fish balls, bean sprouts and prawns but was mild. The Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (36RMB for 4) had a thin crispy crust and juicy meat inside, but could have used more prawn paste. If you contact Chef MC one day before you come, he’ll be more than happy to make authentic tasting dishes for you.

The Signature Chicken Rice (45RMB) is a delicate and subtle tasting dish where no toning down was needed, and this rendition hit the right notes. The chicken is poached gently and the meat is soft and silky. The rice is very important in chicken rice, and here every grain was discernable and lightly flavoured with garlic, ginger and chicken broth. The best part were the three authentic dipping sauces – a sweet soy sauce, a fragrant ginger sauce and a fresh acidic chili.

Drinks include White Coffee (9RMB), Milo (9RMB) and drinking boxes from Singapore brand Yeo’s. Longxiangqiao station is a short walk away.

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55 Wushan Road

135 8883 3747

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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