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Mulin Café/莫里咖啡
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Mulin Café is an interesting little restaurant. Their pizza dough comes from Ristorante Mulinaccio, as does the coffee, sugar, and napkins. It seats about 20 people, and unless you live on Touying Street near Jianguo Road, it is unlikely you will randomly stumble across it. In addition, they only serve 10 pizzas a day at the moment. But we think Café Mulin will be a hit and gather a local following in no time.

First things first, the menu: it changes every day. The daily offerings are hand-written on ye olde blackboard in English and Chinese. They will be offering one pizza and four pastas based on what fresh ingredients are available, customer favorites, and the chef’s whimsy. If you want pizza, call ahead and reserve one. Easy. We enjoyed all the pizzas (ok, we were lucky and they made us a few to try) and at 30RMB each, they were truly excellent. It doesn’t much matter what we recommend, because you will likely only have one choice. But they are pretty flexible, it won’t hurt to ask. The pastas were excellent as a standalone meal. Salmon, veggies, roasted garlic, cheese, and Bolognese, they have many options, each for 38RMB. Be sure to mention if you don’t like your pasta spicy, there’s a decent chance yours will have a kick to it.

Once we finished our meal, we learned about the “secret menu,” as bowls of mushroom soup, fresh oysters, crab, and prawns all made their way to neighboring tables. Prices for these options are all based on the market, but if you’re interested in something a bit more luxurious all you need to do is inquire. They’ll be happy to oblige.

Coffees run 22RMB, regardless of style. Wi-Fi and parking are available.

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16 Touying Lane

0571 2888 9698

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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