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Meet Plus Café & Dining/觅品西餐厅
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Liberia Baby Pork with Tuna Sauce, Caper, & Taro Crisps

Tomato Stuffed with Turkish Sesame Paste marinated Baby Shrimp

Shish Taouk with Mini Nan Bread and Vegetable Salad

Crispy Chicken by Turkish Sesame Oil, Chickpeas, Cucumber and Jelly Noddle Salad

Lettuce Mascarpone Soup with Homemade Black Truffle Noodles

Homemade Ravioli with Goose, Liver, Pine Nuts, Duck Meat…

These are just a small part of the dishes on MP’s menu. Diaoyutai Hotel Hangzhou has just opened their brand new Meet Plus Café & Dining. Located on the first floor of the hotel, the independent entrance allows you to reach it without going through the hotel’s lobby. MP Café is a very comfy space with bright colour and outdoor seats where you can have a cup of coffee or fruit tea. With a decent price, you can enjoy freshly homemade bread, bagels, salad, and desserts. During the grand opening period, for 25RMB you can get a drink + any bakery product. During lunch time, buy any salad or sandwich (28-35RMB) will get a 10RMB off on any drinks.

Right across from it, you’ll find MP Dining. This all day dining restaurant features Marco Polo’s silk road gourmet, you can see the silk road map on the restaurant wall. Back in the days, Marco came all the way from faraway Italy to China, you can experience the beauty and novelty of the journey at MP Dining. 30% of the dishes on the menu are from mid eastern, chef Bob worked in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai for quite some time, he’s able to bring some exotic touch on the menu.

Liberia Baby Pork with Tuna Sauce, Caper, & Taro Crisps (98RMB) had a surprise taste, the tuna sauce wasn’t fishy at all, Liberia baby pork was very tender, well mixed the lean and fat part, great flavor blended in. Tomato Stuffed with Turkish Sesame Paste marinated Baby Shrimp (78RMB) was a great starter, perfect bite-sized.

The Crab Bisque with Homemade Fish Ball (58RMB) reminded me my favourite lobster bisque, it’s so rich and flavourful, and for the first time, I actually finished that fish ball, if I didn’t tell you, you might not even know it’s made of fish. The next thing was the Grilled Prawn Skewer (198RMB), I believe those are Asian tiger prawns as they’re almost the same size as my palm, the meat was very firm, yummy yummy!

Now you need to try this out, it’s absolutely our favourite of the whole meal: The Crispy Chicken by Turkish Sesame Oil, Chickpeas, Cucumber and Jelly Noddle Salad (138RMB) was just mind-blowing. Chef Bob used the Shaoxing chicken, marinated with Mediterranean sea salt and Middle Eastern spices, covered by Italian honey for over the night. Next day they dribbled it with Turkish sesame oil over and over till the skin was crispy. This dish was served with hummus, pita bread, and Xi’an cold noodles. Let me tell you something, if there’s one dish that worth going all the way to the CBD, that would be it. I want to scream out “OMG, it’s soooo good”!

Baked Lobster with Cheese and Paprika served with Black Truffle and Parmesan Cheese (398RMB), French Fries, Porcini Asparagus was another great dish. I almost love anything that made with black truffle, their elusiveness, scent, flavor, mystery & history, varieties...

Another exotic dish was Shish Taouk with Mini Nan Bread and Vegetable Salad (98RMB). Shish Taouk is a traditional marinated chicken shish kebab of Middle Eastern cuisine. It can be found in most fast food restaurants, it can also be served in a plate with a side of rice and grilled veggies. In its most basic form, Shish Taouk is just grilled chicken breast, but the secret is in the marinating. There are not so many places in town that serve Middle Eastern dishes, if you are craving for that, here is your destination.

Both Cuttlefish Ink Risotto served Scallops, Baby Radish, Parmesan Cheese Chip (88RMB) & Homemade Ravioli with Goose, Liver, Pine Nuts, Duck Meat (88RMB) were excellent, Pan-fried Halibut with Gnocchi served with Capers, Blood Orange Sauce, Fennel, Artichoke, Citrus Salad (168RMB) was also worth trying.

Grilled Australian Angus Beef Tenderloin 200g (480RMB) was marinated with spices over the night, and then was cooked with rosemary potato, shallot gravy and five different spices from Middle Eastern, enjoy that with a glass of house wine would be perfect.

Next week will be the first week of the opening of Meet Plus Café & Dining. You can enjoy 50% off on all dishes, and the discount followed by:
Nov. 5th – 11th: 50% OFF
Nov. 12th – 18th: 40% OFF
Nov. 19th – 25th: 30% OFF

You can also just choose the lunch set menu, a three courses lunch set menu (starter, main and unlimited dessert) is only 138RMB/person from Nov 5th – 30th. And it will be 158RMB/person after that. Dinner set is between 5:30pm – 6:30pm, order any main course will get a free salad and dessert/drink.

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1/F, 65 Wuxing Road, Diaoyutai Hotel Hangzhou
五星路65号 杭州泛海钓鱼台酒店1楼

0571 8827 8888

Opening Hours:
6am - 10:30pm

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