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Lvma Restaurant, Silian 166 Branch/旅马餐厅,丝联166店
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Walking into LVMA feels like you’re entering a gallery in Beijing’s 798 art district. Strange sculptures of horses and divers adorn the cement-like industrial walls, and the well thought-out décor feels fun but not tacky. The restaurant’s industrial feel is quite the contrast to their Maojiabu location, which feels more like a renovated farmhouse.

We started our meal with the Japanese Style Grilled Eel日式烤鳗 (28RMB), which came out only minutes after ordering. The eel is exactly what you expect from Japanese-style unagi: sweet, delicious, and perfect with some white rice. From there, the Fire Flamed Beef Tenderloin and Mushroom火焰双柳 (39RMB) came out wrapped in foil, presenting quite the show as our server lit the foil on fire. The beef itself was tender and delicious, and we couldn’t eat it fast enough.

LVMA is a good destination for vegetarians; dishes such as the Braised Lotus and Taro藕遇 (22RMB) were surprisingly delicious. I’m not a fan of either, but I’m glad I tried it because I was pleasantly surprised by the dish’s mild mix of sweet and savory flavor. Other vegetarian dishes include the Stir-Fried Mushroom on Toast 踩吐司的小蘑菇 (22RMB) which was an interesting mix of eastern and western influences, and my personal favorite, the Qianlong Tofu 乾隆豆腐 (26RMB). This spicy dish packed a powerful punch of flavor and was easily a favorite amongst all of us.

Other notable dishes include the Shark Fin in Pepper 酱椒魔鬼鱼翅 (78RMB) and Golden Short Ribs 金排骨 (32RMB). We complimented the meal with some delicious freshly squeezed orange juice 香橙汁 (18RMB), easily some of the most delicious in Hangzhou.

The restaurant itself is right off of Dengyun Rd and part of a small strip of restaurants in 166 Jinghua Road. There’s a parking lot in front of the complex, as well as street side options nearby.

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Loft 166, 189 Jinhua Road, close to Dengyun Road

186 6808 9897

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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