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Luana Curry /卢阿娜咖喱
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We’ve reviewed many restaurants around the outside of Kerry Center, so today we go for something different and turn our attention to a restaurant inside the Kerry Center shopping mall. On the 4th floor, you’ll find Luana Curry, which serves many varieties of Japanese curry rice in a Hawaiian themed restaurant.

Servers walk around in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats against a backdrop of green leafy walls and hibiscus flowers with Hawaiian laua music playing. We’re not really sure why the choice of a Hawaiian theme, but it’s rather amusing and the luau music is relaxing.

We sampled a dish from almost every curry rice category to get a good overview of the food here. Each curry rice comes in a set menu with miso soup, salad and side vegetables, but you can also order the curry rice by itself.

The Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Curry Rice (炸猪排咖喱饭, 70RMB for a set menu) and Hamburger & Beef Curry Rice (汉堡肉&牛肉咖喱饭, 88RMB for set) were both covered with a sweet, dark brown curry sauce and for the Hamburger dish there were pieces of beef in the curry too. The pork cutlet was thick and had a crispy coating. The hamburger was juicy and flavourful with a crunchy vegetable (maybe bamboo or cabbage) mixed in the patty to give some texture.

Coconut milk was mixed into the curry sauce for the Egg Wrapped Rice with Chicken Curry (蛋包饭鸡肉咖喱饭, 64RMB for set) making it creamy and fragrant. Baked Chicken Curry Rice (鸡肉咖喱焗饭, 45RMB) also used the coconut curry sauce along with melted cheese on top.

Deep-Fried items, like Japanese Meat Croquette (日式肉饼, 35RMB) come with a mound of raw shredded cabbage and sweet Tonkatsu sauce, which tastes like a sweeter, thicker Worcestershire sauce. 

For dessert, you can have some ice cream and the black sesame one is quite nice.

All in all, Luana is a pleasant place to eat some tasty Japanese curry rice. The menu (scan and open in WeChat) is only in Chinese and Japanese, but there are pictures for every item.

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L137A, Building 3, Kerry Center, 385 Yan'an Road

0571 8665 7058

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am (Sun.-Thu.), 10am - 1am (Fri.-Sat.)
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