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Longjing 7/龙井柒号花园餐厅
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Most people travel this direction to get to somewhere else. On your way there, you've probably missed this unremarkable complex of buildings to your left because you were looking at the rows of tea trees on your right (we know we have). Don't let the architect's lack of imagination fool you. Once you get inside the restaurant (the other buildings are for meetings, weddings whatever), it's impressive. Cased antiques line the koi pond, and a staircase winds its way around an illuminated column to the second floor. That's just the entranceway. The soothing reds used throughout create a relaxed atmosphere, as do the comfy sofas at the table. They've done a nice job with the rectangular space given them. The seating on the first is well spaced out and creatively partitioned with decorated glass columns. This area is lined with private rooms for eight. We were shown to our table and presented with a huge menu full of dishes ranging from a little sushi, seafood, and Cantonese to local Hangzhou cuisine. Our waitress suggested we try a house specialty, the Sauteed Bean Curd with Longjing Tea. A good choice, but the Steamed Fish Mouth with XO Sauce was much better. Some people might not like the softness of the jowl meat one of our party refused to eat it because it was seemingly raw. But, sucking the sweet, soft meat from the bone is part of the appeal of this dish. The Deep Fried Mushrooms with Goose liver was an odd combination to be sure, but yet another winner. The decor was immaculate, the service impeccable, and the food savory. All of this adds up to a high bill, right? Wrong. Longjing #7 is cheeeap, which is what makes this place such a pull. We ordered five dishes and paid a mere 123RMB. Sure, if you want to get some of the pricier seafood dishes or Shark's fin, you will be paying a lot more. But if you're looking for a fine dining experience for less than two hundred, a trip to this restaurant is more than worth the taxi fare. English and Picture menu available.

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3/F, Yuefang Mall, Pingan Finance Centre, 280 Minxin Road

0571 8797 9123

Opening Hours:
11am - 9pm

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