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Liyue Music Bar/里约酒吧
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This place is located in Wake Town, only a few minutes walk to the West Lake. Liyue is the pinyin pronunciation for Rio, and that makes it the biggest characteristic of this place.

When the night begins, people start drinking and mingling. Their six-piece house band, Resonanse, comes from South America and they are bringing so much passionate music to the crowd: Latin jazz, blues, pop, samba. They were born with a sense of rhythm, and you can't resist shaking your body with them.

Just when you think you might be getting some Brazilian BBQ, we have to warn you there's no BBQ, the food is the contrast, they serve Sichuan and Hangzhou cuisine. The chef used to work at the Dragon Hotel and you can find Spiced Beef, Sour and Spicy Fish, Sichuan Pickles, Spicy Crayfish with Garlic, Spanish Ham, Gillardeau Oysters on the menu.

The cocktails here are working flair. You can also come here in the afternoon  for their afternoon tea set, followed by dinner and drinks.

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108, Building 1, Wake Town, 9 Wulin Road
武林路9号Wake Town1幢108号

0571 8588 6111

Opening Hours:
1pm - 3am

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