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Hanabusa /花房主题餐厅
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The name “Hanabusa” is oddly reminiscent of the “Vampire Knight” series from Japan, and not exactly in tune with the restaurant's Chinese name which translates into “flower house.” We found that parking is a breeze, thanks to the large lot nearby, which will let you park for free if you tell the attendant that you're there to visit the restaurant. If you do get scammed for parking, don't pay more than 10RMB. We made our way inside, and immediately had a good time browsing the massive wine selection on the wall by the entrance. Okay, it isn't that massive, but the truly impressive thing is that the restaurant has decided to stock bottles of Kestrel Vintners Washington State Columbia Valley red, which was something we were completely unprepared to see, in a world of fake “Lafite” labels in heavy circulation. At 400RMB, it's priced about right for the market, after allowing for the enormous taxes levied on imported wines. The food was also a nice surprise, as we found a selection of inventive and creative dishes brought before us. Locally-produced yellow wine was used to marinate some tasty ribs that go for 10RMB each, and we also ordered Pepper Coconut Shrimp for 28RMB, Sausage and Minced Pork for 46RMB, Deep-Fried Tea Tree Mushroom and Mince Pork for 38RMB, and Ginger and Peppered Chicken Soup for 45RMB. As if that wasn't enough to fulfill our gluttony quotient, we topped everything off with “Mildew Dried Vegetables” and Honey on a Crispy Rice Wafer for 36RMB, and Rice Dough and Mince Pork Soup for 26RMB. Also available are chilled 300ml bottles (the brown, stubby ones) of Tsingtao beer, milk chocolate drink, lemon drink, and a refreshing wheat and mango drink.

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4 Longjing Road (Opposite the Kunlong Resort)

0571 8797 3759

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 1:30pm, 4:40pm - 9pm

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