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Guiyu Restaurant /桂语山房
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When we think of Southern-styled decorations, we are often reminded of our time when we went to Suzhou often. If you’ve ever got a hankering to learn a thing or two about the art of Chinese minimalist design, well there’s no better place to start than the gardens of Suzhou. Or for that matter, you could just go to the “outskirts” of town to Guiyu Restaurant. Immediately upon entering this place, our nostrils were pleasantly invaded with a scent of some sort of or, a variety of, flowers. And on the rainy day that we went, we were warmed with the wood burning cauldrons that are placed all over the hallways. But don’t let this attention to detail fool you into thinking that it’s overdone. In typical Southern style, it’s anything but, as was evident as soon as we were escorted into our private room which has bare walls, but clean lines and one nicely arranged book on the table. Though we didn’t disturb that well-placed book on the table, we did open the menu with voraciousness similar to that with which we eventually went at our Curry Prawn (158RMB). One diner at our table had to have her plate changed three times. She ate so many prawns. The Pork Ribs with Plum (58RMB) shouldn’t be avoided at all costs, as was the Pigeon’s Egg with Foie Gras (68RMB) which was so rich we had to take some home. We were so stuffed. It should also be noted that they have a full set vegetarian menu (168 or 238RMB/person) and that all of their chefs are classically trained in Cantonese cooking. On a side note, drink prices should finally not be forgotten at 58RMB for freshly squeezed juices. That nearly broke our bank, but they were refreshing needless to say. Though smoking is allowed, smokers at our table did so on our private balcony. The aforementioned drinks put our bill just up over 600RMB for three of us, but we also had a doggie bag full of goodies to take home. English and picture menu, and parking available with an umbrella totting man waiting there to escort you through the rain should you get caught in it. 

The other goodies from the menu:

Stewed Duck 私房宫廷御香鸭 138RMB
Stir-fried Prawn with Longjing Tea 创意手剥龙井虾 158RMB
Cod in the Sour Soup 青藤酸汤鳕鱼198RMB
Fried Qingyuan Chicken 生煎滋补清远鸡 138RMB
Double-boiled Chicken of Lin’an 临安高山土鸡煲 388RMB (need 3 hours ahead reservation) 
Sautéed Fillet Steak with Pleurotus Eryngiu 杏菇黑椒炒牛肉 118RMB (this one actually means Beef Fried with Apricot mushroom and Black Pepper)
Dongpo Pork 东坡肉 18RMB/person
Sautéed Asparagus with Crab Meat 蟹柳芦笋 48RMB
Shrimp Dumpling Guiyu Style 桂语虾饺皇 6RMB/one
Prawn Rice Soup Guiyu Style 招牌龙虾汤泡饭 88RMB
Stir-frying Noodles with Abalone Sauce 鲍汁炒面 58RMB, 28RMB/person
Old Style Fried Buns with Pork Filling 老底子生煎包 10RMB/one
Cheese Cake with Mango Ice Cream 芝士蛋糕配芒果冰淇淋 36RMB
Tiramisu 提拉米苏 38RMB

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Inside Haihua Manlong Resort, 2-1 Manjuelong Road

0571 8797 7677

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9:30pm

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