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Green Inn (Tribal Lantern)/马灯部落青年旅舍
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On one particularly sunny afternoon, we decided to take the office up to Siyan Jing. It’s not easy to find so follow the map carefully. As long as you know that the Green Inn is almost at the top of the upgrade, you should find it without too much trouble, but that is the great thing about these out of the way places. There are rarely any people up there, and they offer a great escape from the city. Though they do have indoor seating, we opted to sit outside to enjoy our gorgeous afternoon. In no time, we were joined at our table by the next-door neighbor’s cat. It was one of those cats you’d expect to be hanging around a youth hostel: friendly, and more than willing to steal a bit of food. As was just stated, Green Inn is a youth hostel and it’s surrounded by other youth hostels, but what makes this one stand out from the others is the food. 

Take a look at their menu to see the variety they have. Though we were advised to take the BBQ Lamb Leg, we decided to take the cheaper route and get the Rainbow Ribs, which were simply fantastic as they fell right off the bone. The cat got none of that dish. We gave the bones to a newly arrived dog of another neighbor. The BBQ Pork was something both crispy and succulent at the same time, as were the Chicken Wings. We rounded out the meal with some French Fries, and a bowl of Farmer’s Old Tofu Soup. It came to a reasonable 200RMB for the four of us, even more reasonable if you include our canine and feline dining companions.

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238 Siyanjing, Hupao Road

0571 8698 9975

Opening Hours:
9am – 9pm

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