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Gold Chino/金玲珑
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Sometimes it's difficult to categorize a restaurant. Gold Chino is such a place. We've told you about its sister restaurant, Yee Chino, which is fairly easy to stick in the fusion column (although it's in A Cut Above because it's a pricy place), but Gold is a bit, well, schizophrenic in its offerings. It can be considered fusion because there's no one traditionally prepared dish, and this is according to the owner/manager, Yang Xiaojun. Her top recommended dish is the Goose Liver with Light Wine, a true fusion piece. But, she claims that the dishes are Balinese in preparation. So it should go into the Southeast Asian category? No, because then you have dishes like Yunnan Zucchini Fried with Sliced Fish or Macau-style Curried Chicken. And of course, we can't leave out the proper Hong Kong-style breakfast and tea on offer during the daytime. So then it should go in the Pan-Chinese category. You see the dilemma? Food aside, the eacute is really what this place is all about. The couple that owns it has traveled the world and is constantly picking up new things to throw in their restaurants. They are designers by trade the husband has decorated a ton of restaurants around town so you know this one is something special. Even the doorway leading into elevator gets you excited. Entering the restaurant upstairs, you are submerged into a Southeast Asianesque world – white and natural wood latticework throughout used to divide the space, intricately designed copper chandeliers, tiled tabletops. All very busy, with as many different flavors as the menu. There are comfy, multi-patterned sofas and chairs to lounge around in, which especially works well during the less crowded daytime tea. At night, there's a lot of energy to the place as it gets packed out with a youngish, moneyed crowd. You kind of need a little here. We plunked down 250 kuai for two, and that was without a bottle of anything (but we did have some damn fine juice). Still, Gold Chino is not as frou frou as Yee Chino, and that means you don't have to worry about your attire, an added plus for us. English and picture menu available. 

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149-2 Qingchun Road

0571 8721 0777

Opening Hours:
7am - 11pm

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