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Dong Yi Shun, Gaoyin Branch/东伊顺,高银店
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Gaoyin Street is a great place to find a lot of different eateries. One of the highlights on the street is the takeout booth at Dong Yi Shun. They have these fantastic Turkish sandwiches, nan bread made fresh, and lamb skewers that make the normal street version pale in comparison. People, who live in the area, line up outside of the shop all day long to get the affordable goods. We always assumed the food available in the restaurant was the same as the food bought at the takeout counter. Oh, how wrong we were. They have a great menu filled with all sorts of Middle Eastern dishes as well as classic cuisine from the west of China and beyond. The Greek Salad was complete with black olives and plenty of cheese though we're not exactly sure what kind of cheese it was. Definitely go for the Hummus with a side order of the Arabic Nan. It was a wonderful surprise. The Spring Roll stuffed with cheese and parsley was a tasty new twist on the common dish, and the Bread with Kebab and Cheese was also quite filling, then again we gorged ourselves on 8 pieces of it, and, of course, we had to get some Xinjiang Mutton Sticks and rounded out the whole meal with Arabic Shrimp Rice. For the four of us, we spent just over 200RMB. In accordance with tradition, there is no alcohol served and there's no smoking permitted inside the restaurant. We want to say that all the food is Halal, but we are not 100% sure. While there are more than a few places around town offering food of the Xinjiang/Middle Eastern style, Dong Yi Shun is definitely one of our new favorites. English menu available. 

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99 Gaoyin Street

0571 8780 5163

Opening Hours:
10am - 8pm

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